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Why is Hamilton Island attracting so much INTERNATIONAL attention lately? Most recently Taylor Swift hosted her Birthday Bash on the beautiful Island.

Well there are many reasons why celebrities are choosing to head down under to the tropical Whitsundays. I am going to share with you the Top 5 reasons why you should too….

  1. Whitehaven beach

Whitehaven beach is heaven on earth! It is absolutely breathtaking and an AWARD winning beach!  It happens to be situated on the largest island out of the 74 Islands in the Whitsundays.   It has brilliant white silica sand, among the purest in the world!

Access to Whitehaven beach can be achieved from Hamilton Island by boat (within 30 minutes) or you can splurge with a seaplane or helicopter ride to the beach. With most tours you can stay for a half a day or a full day.  I recommend exploring the Hill inlet where…

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by Flowers Blumen Fluer

Flowers ~ Blumen ~ Fleurs


On Christmas Day 2015, after sharing lunch with my friend from Switzerland, we made our way to Lavender Bay to visit this unassuming peaceful Secret Garden. There are no signs announcing the Garden but we found it with ease. In sunshine and under blue skies we drank in the peacefulness of this place as we leisurely wandered the little winding pathways. There are benches and small tables and chairs along with rather interesting artistic sculptures, some from recycled materials. This was, for us, a rather unusual intimate look at the life of one who has chosen to channel her grief and rehabilitation from drug addiction to a serene place for all to share and enjoy.

These words from Wendy Whiteley appear beneath a photograph displayed on a board in the garden – “This is me, right at the beginning, in the…

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Little shop of horrors: the Australian plants that can kill you

By The Logical Place

The Logical Place

The Conversation

Ben Moore, Western Sydney University

Australia is so famous for its dangerous creatures that visitors often arrive fearful that everything that moves is out to get them. In a land where snakes, spiders, shells and even one of the iconic mammals – the platypus – can bite or sting, should we all be worried about plants as well?

Plants around the world produce a staggering diversity of chemicals and many of these are potentially toxic to animals including humans, sometimes even upon contact. Many of these toxins have evolved to protect plant roots, leaves and unripe fruits from being eaten by herbivores, particularly insects and browsing mammals.

Australia’s toxic plants are not terribly appealing or nutritious for humans. If someone is poisoned, it’s usually accidental, and many victims are curious children.

There are many historical records of plant poisoning in Australia involving early explorers and settlers who were…

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A Coffee Date in the Arabian Desert


Ghana Chalan Al Dhaheri is a well renowned historian and researcher of Arabic culture and traditions, but there is another role that she enjoys most. She is also a master storyteller and her favourite story is always told over a cup of the world’s most loved beverage – coffee! Coffee is sacred to the Arabs! No trip to the United Arab Emirates (theEmiratei Kingdom which includes the world famous cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi) will be complete without an experience of the traditional coffee ceremony of the Arabs, referred to as ‘Al-Qahwa or Gahwa’.

Mrs. Al Dhaheri tells us of the legend of Kali; the story that dates back centuries ago to the Ethiopian Highlands where the first coffee beans was discovered. Legend has it that an Ethiopian goatherd noticed his flock to be unusually lively after consuming some berries found in…

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Peter Does That Tourist Thing In Istanbul

Peter's Big Adventure

I’ve been traveling exclusively through Asia for the past year and a half, so why am I now going to Istanbul? It was a (relatively) cheap flight, and a close friend of mine offered me a free place to stay… so why the hell not?

It was about an 11 hour flight from Mumbai to Istanbul, so while I’m watching Pixar movies and drinking wine on Turkish Airlines, let me tell you a little bit about Istanbul, and Turkey.

Istanbul: Your Crash Course

Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, formerly Byzantium, is arguably one of the most historically important cities in the world. As such, it is a city with some serious history, to say the least. Over the course of the last 2 millennia, Istanbul served as the capital city for the Byzantine, Latin, Roman, and Ottoman Empires. Indeed, the city has always been of extreme strategic importance for the politics of…

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