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Bus Travel

Buses are usually the cheapest way to go when it comes to traveling around the Philippines, at least from within the major islands.  Provincial bus companies have scheduled trips from Manila to provinces to the north and south.The continually developing roads around the country have made bus travel the most practical choice for seeing the many tourist spots around the Philippines. Within the cities of Manila, it is quite obvious that buses dominate the highways and major streets. There are a number of bus terminals that can take one to almost any point in Luzon.  Longer trips spanning more than 4 hours usually stop over for 30 minutes to pick up and drop off other passengers, and in these stopovers you can also expect to use a public bathroom.

There are basically 4 types of buses:

  • the luxury buses with beds or business-class seats
  • the new air conditioned buses with TV and curtains
  • the older non-aircon or ordinary buses
  • the very, very old local buses with no glass in the windows at all

Buses usually do not go to the city-centers. They stop at peripheral bus terminals. Small cities have only one terminal. Big cities like Manila or Cebu-City do have several terminals

Ultimate comfort is offered by some companies . Their luxury buses have either real beds on the upper deck or have very large business-class seats where you sleep without problems.   Luxury buses usually have a toilet on board. The other buses stop about every 2 hours.

Victory Liner Bus Company Philippines http://www.victoryliner.com/terminals/ 

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Wikitravel  list over 100 bus companies in the Philippines.  We will list some of the better rated or most reported. If you have experience and would like to recommend, please do!   We will add more when we find them.  

sources are”   WikiTravel   Bus and Travel Philippines   Bus Travel in Manila 

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