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“Life is a great adventure” I did not come up with that and many have said it.  But for me at 55 when I first came to SE Asia for the first time, the greatest adventure of my life started.  Along my journey here in Asia, I would like to share a little of my adventure and maybe help or encourage your journey in SE Asia. My passion is photography, so I tell more of my story through photography.   We love to travel and share what we see and learn.  We cover SE Asia with more about Thailand now.  The culture, places to see on the must see and off the beaten path, food and recipes places to eat, places to stay, culture, education, art, and share our pictures.  I use Canon cameras. Adobe Lightroom as my primary editing  and Nik Collection in editing.  For a reliable source on Canon and Nikon cameras and lens  http://www.the-digital-picture.com/       To see all jackie’s photos at jackie littletaylor photography of SE ASIA  and my facebook page jackie littletaylor photography  I also have a few publish books 

Jackie Littletaylor Photography


also can view some of my portfolio jackie littletaylor photography Fine Art SE Asia

below, few of my favorites, I hope to lure you to come  for a visit for your adventure!

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