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Transnasional bus Malaysia

Transnasional bus Malaysia

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The cheapest way to travel in Malaysia is by bus. All towns of any size have a bus terminal offering connections to other parts of the country. There are many companies of varying degrees of dependability, but two of the largest and more reliable are Transnasional and NICE/Plusliner. 24-seater “luxury” buses are recommended for long-distance travel. It is advisable to purchase tickets online directly from the bus operators or OTAs such as CatchThatBus instead of the counter, as ticket touting is rife at bus stations.

transnasional bus malaysia

transnasional bus malaysia


plusliner Bus malaysia

plusliner Bus malaysia


If travelling on holidays or even over the weekend, it is advisable to reserve your seats in advance. Note that air conditioning on some buses can be extremely cold so don’t forget to bring a good sweater, pants and socks, especially for overnight journeys on luxury buses!

Malaysia has some very well built highway (North-South Highway / East-West Link) which makes the bus travelling so easy. Every year, there are millions of commuters travelling around Malaysia via express bus service. With the increasing in demand, Malaysia has over 200 bus operators running express bus service across the country, from Singapore all the way to the border of Thailand, Hatyai. Nowadays there are even some bus booking websites available online. The schedule are mostly real-time and the tourist can catch a bus ticket before they travel to Malaysia. One of the most popular website with comprehensive route in Malaysia is BusOnlineTicket.com. The website has online booking service for some of the most famous route including bus from KL to Penang, coach from Singapore to KL etc.

busonline malaysia

busonline malaysia


easybook Bus Malaysia

easybook Bus Malaysia


travel by Bus into Malaysia

Long-distances buses/coaches into Malaysia run from Brunei, Indonesian Borneo, Singapore and Thailand.

  • Brunei – there are no direct buses into Brunei. However, there are buses from Miri and Limbang going to the border where there are connections to Bandar Seri Begawan.
  • Indonesia – direct buses operate between Pontianak in West Kalimantan and Kuching in Sarawak.
  • Singapore – a multitude of bus companies operate direct routes from Singapore to various destinations in Peninsular Malaysia, including Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, East Coast cities and even the Kuala Lumpur suburbs of Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya. Frequent buses make the short run between Singapore and Johor Bahru, and you can save a few bucks by changing at JB’s Larkin terminal to a cheap domestic bus instead of taking a more expensive direct bus. If you are planning to take on arrival visa, you must enter Malaysia via link 2.
  • Thailand – several companies operate services from Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia to Hat Yai in southern Thailand, where direct connections are available to Bangkok and many other Thai destinations.

intercity buses and monorail


to view schedule and buy tickets go to http://www.myrapid.com.my/rail/fleet

monorail Malaysia

monorail Malaysia

public buses

Myrapid is the public Transportation for buses  to see schedule, fares, routes http://www.myrapid.com.my/bus/rapidkl/routes

local buses malaysia

local buses malaysia

Rapid Penang for routes, schedules Fares in Penang

RapidPenang Bus Malaysia

RapidPenang Bus Malaysia


another good resource for bus travel in Malaysia

express bus malaysia

express bus malaysia


Major Bus Stations

text and photos from EXPRESSBUSMALAYSIA.COM they also list bus schedule for each terminal but not sure of if they are current!


Johor Bahru Larkin Bus Terminal

The Larkin Bus & Taxi Terminal Complex is located in a town of Larkin and It is about 4 kilometres away from the Johor City Center. Larkin Bus Terminal is the main and largest bus terminal in Johor Bahru which serves the arrival and departure for long distance express bus, city bus and taxi. Besides that, Larkin Bus Terminal also serves the arrival and departure for SBS Transit (Singapore Bus Service Transit) bus number 170 and Causeway Link CW1/CW2. They provide the shuttle service between Larkin (Johor Bahru), Kranji MRT (Singapore) and Queen Street (Singapore).

Few of the popular bus routes departing from Johor Bahru Larkin bus terminal are Johor Bahru to KL, Johor Bahru to Melaka, Johor Bahru to Mersing, Johor Bahru to Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru to Seremban etc

Because of this shuttle service provided by SBS 170 and Causeway Link CW/1CW2, many people actually choose to board the express bus at Larkin Bus Terminal instead of Singapore for saving purpose. They travel from Singapore Kranji MRT to Larkin Bus Terminal by SBS 170 or Causeway Link CW2, then board the express at Larkin Bus Terminal to Kuala Lumpur.

Here is the example for saving illustration:
– One bus ticket for Singapore to Kuala Lumpur costs average SGD 30 in Singapore
– One bus ticket for Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur cost average RM 31 in Johor Bahru
– SBS 170 or Causeway Link CW2 bus fare from Singapore Kranji MRT to Larkin Terminal is SGD 1.3 or RM 3
– Passenger will save around RM25 or SGD10 for a trip going to Kuala Lumpur if the passenger choose to board the bus at Larkin Terminal.

How do get to Larkin Bus Terminal?
To get there, the best way are by taxi and city buses.
a) Bus from Singapore:
1) Take SBS 170 from Queen Street Terminal (nearby Bugis MRT) to Larkin Bus Terminal
(Not advisable because of long routing in Singapore before coming to Singapore Custom)
2) Take Singapore Johor Express from Queen Street Terminal (nearby Bugis MRT) to Larkin Bus Terminal
(This is express coach direct from Queen Street Terminal to Singapore Custom)
3) Take SBS 170 from Kranji MRT to Larkin Bus Terminal
4) Take Causeway Link CW1 or CW2 to Larkin Bus Terminal

b) Bus from Johor area:
Take local city bus. One of the recommended service provider is Causeway Link. The fare is around RM 3. Please check Causeway Link for route and fare details

Useful services available at Larkin bus terminal
– Fast food outlet like Mcdonalds (with free wifi service), Marry Brown, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut
– ATM machines
– Food court (decent price)
– Convenient shop


Alor Setar Shahab Perdana Bus Terminal

This is the main bus terminal of Alor Setar and is located in Shahab Perdana, which is some distance to the Alor Setar town centre. This terminal provides services to and from most locations in Malaysia. To get there the best way is by intercity bus or taxis.


kota bahru bus terminal


There is two bus terminals which all outstation buses including express buses pick up and drop off passengers. The first one is Jalan Hamzah Bus Terminal that located next to KB Mall Kota Bharu and the other one is SKMK Langgar Bus Terminal located at Jalan Bulatan Yahya Petra behind Tesco Kota Bharu. Both are in the state capital, Kota Bharu.


Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur, being the capital city of Malaysia, has the most number of bus terminals in Malaysia. Last time, Pudu Sentral (or Pudu Raya) is the main and the only bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur and it used to serve for coaches departing to and arriving from all parts of Peninsular Malaysia. However, with growing number of commuters as well as express bus companies, they have caused heavy traffic in Pudu Sentral area. To ease the traffic congestion in Pudu Sentral area, the authority has built more bus terminals in Kuala Lumpur, namely Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Duta Bus Terminal and Pekeliling Bus Terminal. These 4 main bus terminals, each serves customers going to the North, South and East coast of Malaysia. Please refer to below description for these 4 bus terminals.

Besides these 4 bus terminals, there are few bus companies provide the bus service with departure point not from the 4 bus terminals. These departures include

1) Chinatown Petaling Street
2) Jalan Imbi Bukit Bintang area (Opposite Berjaya Times Squares),
3) 1 Utama at Bandar Utama, neighbourhood area,
4) Bangsar at No. 48 Jalan Kemuja, office area and
5) Lot 1B Shoplex at Mont Kiara, expatriate gathered neighbourhood area.

Please refer to below description for departure points at KL other locations.

Kuala Lumpur being the largest city and having the most bus terminals in Malaysia, you can find almost all bus services to every part of Malaysia. The most popular service routes are coach from Kuala lumpur to Singapore, coach from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka, and coach from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. Online booking is available for most Kuala Lumpur departure routes

For airport shuttle bus service, you either go Pudu Sentral to take Starshuttle or go to KL Sentral to take airport buses like Skybus and Aerobus. Please take note, only Starshuttle is providing shuttle bus service from KL to KLIA.

From Pudu Sentral to KLIA and LCCT
First bus to go both KLIA and LCCT is at 415 am
Last bus to go both KLIA and LCCT is at 11 pm
Frequency is 30-45 minutes per bus

From KL Sentral to LCCT
1) Skybus
First bus to go LCCT is at 3 am
Last bus to go LCCT is at 10 pm
Frequency is 30 minutes per bus

2) Aerobus
First bus to go LCCT is at 245 am
Last bus to go LCCT is at 1030pm
Frequency is 30 minutes per bus

  • Puduraya Bus Terminal – Serving customer to the North of Malaysia (e.g. bus from KL to Penang, KL to Cameron Highland, KL to Alor Setar)
  • Terminal Bersepadu Selatan – Serving customer to the South of Malaysia (e.g. bus from KL to Johor Bahru, KL to Singapore, KL to Melaka)
  • Duta Bus Terminal – Serving customer to the North and East of Malaysia (e.g, bus from KL to Ipoh, KL to Kuantan)
  • Pekeliling Bus Terminal – Serving customer to the East coast of Malaysia (e.g. bus from KL to Kota Bahru, KL to Temerloh, KL to Genting)
  • KL Other Location – Other locations which mainly serve express bus service from KL to Singapore


Puduraya Bus Terminal

Before the name of Pudu Sentral is used, this terminal Pudu Raya was the only bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur and it used to serve for coaches departing to and arriving from all parts of Peninsular Malaysia. After full-scale upgrading and reopening in April 2011, It mainly serves for north bound coaches and aiport (LCCT and KLIA) coaches. After the upgrade, Pudu Sentral is brighter, cleaner, and more air-conditioning waiting area for commuters while waiting for boarding.

Few of the popular bus route in Pudu Sentral are KL to Hatyai, KL to Penang, KL to Cameron Highlands, KL to Kuala Perlis etc

Pudu Raya (or Pudu Sentral) is strategically located at Jalan Pudu, which is just next to bustling Jalan Petaling, also called Chinatown where you could find lots to eat, see and buy. Pudu Raya (or Pudu Sentral) is also within short distance (5 minute driving distance or 15 minutes walking distance) from the popular “Golden Triangle” – Bukit Bintang area where you could find many pubs, shopping malls, and restaurants

How do get to Pudu Sentral?
The nearest LRT train station to Pudu Raya (or Pudu Sentral) is Plaza Rakyat station (Ampang Line), which is just behind the terminal.
If you are coming by Kelana Jaya Line, please change your train at Masjid Jamek interchange station from Kelana Jaya Line to Ampang Line (underground).
Please check MyRapid for KL LRT network details

Useful services available at Pudu Raya (or Pudu Sentral) bus terminal
– Locker for luggage storage
– ATM machines
– Convenient shop
– Food court (at top floor)
– Hotel (at top floor)


Terminal Bersepadu Selatan

The new integrated transport terminal, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), at Bandar Tasik Selatan is built by MAJU Terminal Management and Services (TMAS). TBS is an advance terminal which is built to serve the south bound buses, offering trips like KL to Melaka, KL to Singapore, KL to Johor Bahru, KL to Mersing etc. The whole area of TBS, including the platform, are fully air-conditioning. This provides comfortable environment for travellers while waiting for bus.

TBS is located at Bandar Tasik Selatan, which is about 30 minutes south from the city centre. Though TBS’s location is not as strategic as Pudu Sentral, it still can be connected by LRT. TBS is just next to the existing Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT Station (Ampang Line), the Stesen Komuter KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan and Express Rail Link (ERL) KLIA Transit Station. Amping Line LRT connects travellers from TBS to Kuala Lumpur city centre, whereas KLIA Transit connects travellers from TBS to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

How do get to TBS?
The nearest LRT station to TBS is Bandar Tasik Selatan (Ampang Line)
If you are coming from airport, please alight at Bandar Tasik Selatan (Express Rail Link KLIA) and then proceed to TBS bus terminal for your transfer of bus.
Please check MyRapid for KL LRT network details

Useful services available at TBS bus terminal
– Locker for luggage storage
– ATM machines
– Convenient shop
– Restaurants


Duta Bus Terminal

This Bus terminal serving mostly express buses from the Northern states of Kuala Lumpur. It is located at Jalan Duta, just opposite of Mosque Federal Territory and also next to the National Tennis Centre and Tun Razak Hockey Stadium. There is currently no LRT station nearby and taxis are the best way to get there.


Pekeliling Bus Terminal

Situated at Jalan Pekeliling, this terminal services buses to and from towns on the east coast, including Kuantan, Temerloh, Kuala Lipis and Jerantut (exit point for Taman Negara National Park) of Pahang state. Some buses to Genting Highlands and Terengganu state also leave from here. The nearest LRT station is Titiwangsa Station of the Star LRT line.


Departure point for bus from KL Chinatown to Singapore

KKKL Express is the only bus company providing boarding point at Chinatown, at Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur. The departure of KKKL Express in Chinatown is at 5 Element Hotel.

KKKL Boarding Point at 5 Element Hotel

This boarding point is especially convenient for those tourists staying in the guest house, inn and hotel around Chinatown (Petaling Street) area. Chinatown (Petaling Street) is one of the areas in Kuala Lumpur having the highest number of guest house, inn and hotel. KKKL Express check in counter is just at the lobby of 5 Element Hotel.




Melaka Sentral


Since 2004 the Malacca Sentral (or Melaka Sentral) Bus Terminal, Malaysia’s first air-conditioned bus (state and express) and taxi terminal, has been servicing passengers in Malacca. The express bus, domestic bus and taxi are pooled together in this terminal for the convenience of passengers travelling around Melaka. Another reason of building this terminal is to improve from the previous bus terminal at Jalan Tun Ali, which makes passengers troublesome especially boarding and alighting during the rainy day.

Malacca Sentral serves the express bus service leaving for and coming from Singapore and major cities (like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Mersing etc) in Malaysia. Two most popular and highly sought-after routes are bus from Melaka to Singapore and bus from Melaka to KL.

Besides that, new routes of Melaka to KLIA/KLIA2 and KLIA/KLIA2 to Melaka provided by Transnasional are welcomed by the tourists coming to Malaysia. In the past, tourist needs to take shuttle bus from airport to KL city before transferring another bus from KL to Melaka. They can now come to Melaka right after landing at Kuala Lumpur Airport by taking Transnasional direct bus without the need to go Kuala Lumpur city and vice versa. This service is extremely convenient to tourists.

There are number of bus operators running the operation in Melaka Sentral, few of the more prominent and long-historic companies are Delima Express, 707 Travel Group, Transnasional, Causeway Link and KKKL.

Malacca Sentral is located at Jalan Tun Razak Malacca Town opposite Tesco. This area is slightly off from the major tourist attractions (A Famosa, The Stadthuys etc) in Melaka. Therefore, most people would either take a cab or domestic bus to city centre (tourist attraction area). Kindly note that some less popular routes are served with irregular interval.

How do get to Malacca Sentral?
There is no LRT network in Malacca. The cheapest way is by domestic bus to get to Malacca Sentral.
Alternatively, you may take a cab, which costs around RM20 per cab from Malacca centre area to Malacca Sentral bus terminal.

Useful services available at Melaka Sentral bus terminal
– Fast food outlet like Mcdonalds (with free wifi service) and Marry Brown
– ATM machines
– Food court (decent price)
– Convenient shop



Seremban bus Terminal One

The main bus terminal in Seremban is adjacent to Terminal One Mall, on Jalan Sungai Ujong. This terminal is the pick-up and drop-off points for all local buses within the state as well as for express bus companies that bring passengers from all over the country to Negeri Sembilan and vice versa. The nearest train is Seremban KTM Commuter Station and already connected to the terminal by a covered walkway.


Pulau Pinang (Penang Island) is a state that made up by 2 portions, Penang Island and Butterworth. The two city is separated by the straits of Malacca and is linked together via the famous Penang bridge with total length of about 13.5 KM.Penang is one of the most famous tourist attractions for many visitors coming to Malaysia, thanks to it’s status as the UNESCO site in Malaysia. Because of this attraction, access to the town can be done easily via public transport. There are almost half-hourly express bus service from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, and also from other places to Penang like Singapore, Malacca, Alor Setar and many more.Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal provides bus from Penang to KL at the highest frequency.Please refer to below bus terminal for information of coach from Penang

  • Butterworth Jetty Bus Terminal – This is a temporary bus terminal set-up near the Butterworth Jetty and Penang Bridge. Many buses going to the northern part of Malaysia (e.g. Sungai Petani, Hatyai, Alor Setar) will make a stop at this bus terminal
  • Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal – This is the main bus terminal in the island of Penang. Many local / tourist take express bus from KL to Penang and arrrived at this terminal.


Butterworth Jetty Terminal

This is the old bus terminal on the mainland side. This terminal is located at Jalan Bagan Dalam next to Ferry terminal and Butterworth KTM Railway Station. To get there the best way is by intercity bus or taxis.


Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal

Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal is the centralised long distance express bus terminal on Penang Island. It was opened in May 2005, before that long distance express bus runs from Komtar, Georgetown. Though most express bus companies have relocated their operation to Sungai Nibong bus terminal, even until today, there are still some express bus companies departing from Komtar, Georgetown. For these groups of buses, they depart from Komtar then go to Sungai Nibong to pick up another group of passengers before leaving the island for the destinations. This is especially convenient for tourist who usually spends time and stays hotel in Georgetown area.

Sungai Nibong bus terminal is located about mid-way between northern and southern end of Penang Island. It is near the famous Penang bridge about 20 minutes to the city centre. Many city bus coaches arrive and depart from this terminal. Please check MyRapid for Penang city bus network details.

Few of the popular bus route from Penang is Penang to KL, Penang to Cameron Highlands and Penang to Singapore.

How do get to Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal?
The best way to get to Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal are by taxis and city buses.
Taxi fare from Georgetown area to Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal is around RM 25-35, whereas the travelling time is about 15 minutes.
Bus fare is RM 2 from from Georgetown area to Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal, whereas the travelling time is about 20 minutes. Do prepare yourself earlier if you are rushing for bus, in case of heavy traffic and longer waiting time for the bus.

How do get to city, Georgetown, from Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal?
The best way to get to city from Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal are by taxis and city buses.
1) Taxi stand is just in front of the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal.

2) As for city bus, you can easily find the two bus stops at the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. One is located at the front entrance of the terminal (along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) and the other one is located at the side entrance of the terminal (along Jalan Sungai Dua, at the opposite site of the terminal for town direction). Local bus services 401 would go to Georgetown and Weld Quay ferry terminal.



Pahang is the third largest state in Malaysia. It is located in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Some of the famous mountains in Malaysia including Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands are all located in the state of Pahang. Pahang also host the only National Park in Malaysia (Kuala Tahan Taman Negara).

Few popular tourist-rich bus services in Pahang include
1) Bus from Cameron Highlands to KL
2) Bus from Genting Highlands to Singapore
3) Bus from Kuantan to KL
4) Bus from Taman Negara to KL

Please refer following bus terminals for the coach from Pahang

  • Kuantan Bus Terminal
  • Genting First World Bus Terminal
  • Tanah Rata Bus Terminal


kuantan bus terminal

Kuantan Sentral is the new Kuantan bus terminal for both express buses and local city bus. The new Kuantan Sentral, is located at Indera Mahkota. It was officially opened in August 2013. To get there, the best way is by intercity bus or taxi.

Kuantan Sentral (Kuantan bus terminal) provides platform for arrival and departure coach services, for example arriving bus from KL to Kuantan and departing bus from Kuantan to KL.


First World Bus Terminal

First World Bus Terminal is the only bus terminal located in Genting Highland. The terminal is conveniently located at the First World Hotel, where the commuters can directly access to the casino, theme park and hotel easily.Some people may have the information that all buses going to Genting Highland would stop at Genting Skyway station and then transfer to take cable to go Genting Highland. This is correct for Go Genting Express bus departing from Pudu Sentral, KL Sentral, Terminal Putra, One Utama and Kajang. If you take Go Genting Express bus from above-mentioned terminals, you would alight at Genting Skyway Station and then take the cable car (Skyway) to Genting Highland. However, for other express bus like Transtar, Starmart, and 707, the buses would go directly to First World Bus Terminal, which is conveniently located at First World Hotel.


Tanah Rata Bus Terminal

Tanah Rata Bus Terminal is the only bus terminal in Cameron Highland. The terminal is conveniently located at the Tanah Rata, where it is one of the tourist hotspot in Cameron Highland. Besides that, tourists can easily connect to another tourist hotspot Brinchang, by walking or taxi because Brinchang is just 4 kilometers further up from Tanah Rata. Tanah Rata Bus Terminal serves the outbound routes of Cameron Highland to Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highland to Penang and Cameron Highland to Ipoh. Besides that Tanah Rata Bus Terminal also serves as the inbound terminal for Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highland, Penang to Cameron Highland and Ipoh to Cameron Highland.Currently, Only a few bus companies are utilising the terminal for boarding and alighting, for example Unititi Express, GT Express, CS Travel, Kurnia Bistari and Perak Transit. Passengers could buy bus ticket over the counter in the terminal or book ticket online


Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal
Medan Gopeng is Ipoh’s main bus terminal. It is conveniently located at Medan Gopeng in Ipoh city centre, along the Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah. The best way to get to Medan Gopeng bus temrinal is by intercity bus or taxi.Medan Gopeng Ipoh Bus Terminal serves the outbound routes of to most places in Malaysia, and the most common routes are Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh to LCCT, Ipoh to KLIA, Ipoh to Cameron Highland and Ipoh to Penang. Besides that Medan Gopeng Ipoh Bus Terminal also serves as the inbound terminal for Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, Penang to Ipoh, LCCT to Ipoh, KLIA to Ipoh and Cameron Highland to Ipoh.


Kuala Perlis Bus Terminal

Kuala Perlis bus terminal is close to Kuala Perlis jetty where visitor can buy ferry ticket and take ferry to Langkawi Island. Kuala Perlis bus terminal mainly caters for the travellers going to Langkawi Island. Arriving travelers just need to walk 5 minutes to Kuala Perlis jetty for ferry service.

Kuala Perlis bus terminal provides platform for arrival and departure coach services, for example arriving bus from KL to Kuala Perlis and departing bus from Kuala Perlis to KL. All coaches from KL to Kuala Perlis will first stop at Kangar bus terminal before terminating at Kuala Perlis bus terminal. Same for returned service, coaches departing from Kuala Perlis bus terminal will go to Kangar bus terminal before continuing the journey to KL.

Kuala Perlis bus terminal also serves the Maraliner buses which operate between Kuala Perlis bus terminal and Kangar bus terminal. Both bus terminals are about 11km apart. Due to limited bus service at Kuala Perlis, some travelers would take Maraliner bus to Kangar bus terminal where more bus schedules and various destinations are available.


Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal


Kuching Sentral Counter View


Kuching Sentral or Kuching Bus Terminal is East Malaysia’s first air-conditioned and fully-integrated three-storey regional bus terminal, has been servicing passengers in Sarawak and West Kalimantan since early 2012. Kuching Sentral is strategically located in the south of Kuching city and it is about 5 minutes away from the Kuching International Airport and 20 minutes away from Kuching City Centre.

Kuching Sentral is the transportation hub in Sarawak which serves the arrival and departure for long distance express buses, regional buses and cross border express bus. Examples of long distance servicing routes includes Kuching to Miri, Kuching to Bintulu, Kuching to Sibu, as well as Kuching to Pontianak (City in West Kalimantan). As for regional servicing routes, it includes Kuching nearby cities like Kuching to Lundu (Lundu is the gateway for the Gunung Gading National Park and Tanjung Datu National Park) and Kuching to Sri Aman. The only cross border route provided in Kuching Sentral is Kuching to Pontianak. Because of tourist’s interest at the border of Sarawak and Kalimantan and daily groceries activities of locals staying in Pontianak, Kuching to Pontianak and Pontianak to Kuching are the popular routes for locals as well as tourists. Online Booking is available for some bus operators like Bintang Jaya, Bus Asia and Asia Star. Ticket for online booking is about 20% cheaper than counter price

Apart from the transportation services, Kuching Sentral is equipped with retail stores, hypermarket, food court, fast food chain and restaurants. The HGL Hypermarket in Kuching Sentral is one of the largest hypermarket in Kuching because of the high traffic of people coming from Pontianak to do daily groceries in Kuching Sentral.



Selangor is strategically located at the central of Peninsular Malaysia, with also capital Kuala Lumpur in this state as well. So Selangor is one of the richest state in Malaysia. Other than Kuala Lumpur capital, some of Malaysia most developed city including Shah Alam, Klang, Bandar Utama, Puchong are all located in Selangor. Because of the huge pupulation in Selangor, there are numbers of major bus terminals built in Selangor, namely Klang Bus Terminal, Shah Alam Bus Terminal and KLIA/LCCT Bus Terminal.

  • Klang Bus Terminal

– Major bus terminal in Klang which serves to most destinations in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • Shah Alam Bus Terminal

– Major bus terminal in Shah Alam which serves to most destinations in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • KLIA / LCCT Bus Terminal

– Airport bus terminals which serves routes to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Sitiawan and Melaka


Klang Sentral

Officially opened in December 2008, Klang Sentral Bus Terminal is a new commercial hub in the northern part of the royal town of Klang in Selangor. It is also the new controversial and highly-debated ultra-modern transport terminal for the local and intercity bus and taxi services. Located at Jalan Meru nearby with Setia Alam and Aman Perdana townships. There is currently no LRT station. Taxis and intercity busses is the best way to get there.


Shah Alam Bus Terminal

This bus terminal is handling express busses to and from north and south. It is located at Jalan Jenulung Seksyen 17 Shah Alam next to Treatment and Rehabilitation Method Centre. There is no LRT station and the best way to get there are by taxis or intercity bus.



KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) and LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) are the two main International Aiports in Malaysia. The airports are close to Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Each of the airport has it’s own bus terminal to ferry the local / tourist to other part of Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Ipoh, Sitiawan, Kuantan, Genting Highland and some other cities in Malaysia.

For bus terminal or bus platform at LCCT, please refer to the map below:

LCCT bus platform

For bus terminal or bus platform at KLIA, please refer to the map below:
Because KLIA building is huge, please follow direction stating in steps 1->2->3->4->5

KLIA bus platform

Declaration: Thank you Star Shuttle for sponsoring the bus terminal map in both KLIA and LCCT



Taxis are available in all cities and larger towns, although in smaller places you may have to call one (ask any shopkeeper or consult the yellow-pages). You will generally need to negotiate the fare in advance, although prepaid coupon taxis are usually available at airports. RM5 should suffice for a short cross-town trip, while RM100 is enough to hire a taxi for a full day.

In Kuala Lumpur, the budget taxis are usually coloured Red and White (City taxi – these taxis are not allowed to travel out of the city e.g. to another state) or Yellow. Taxis are usually small saloons such as Proton Wira and run on NGV (Natural Gas). The Blue taxis are larger saloons or MPVs (Multi Purpose Vehicles) and more luxurious. These cost typically 25-30% more than the budget taxis & are normally available at taxi stands all over Kuala Lumpur including the major malls & hotels. The Red & White taxis can be hailed off the roads & are metered. Ensure that the taxi driver is a Malaysian (all drivers must have a taxi permit &amp license with their photo on it) before you board, as unscrupulous taxi owners have been known to rent their taxi out to unlicensed stand-ins. Like in most other countries, a foreigner on a work visa are only allowed to work in the job/industry specified in the visa. All taxi drivers must be Malaysian or a PR holder as the Malaysian government does not issue work visa to foreigners to drive taxis.

Additionally, beware of unlicensed taxis (taxi sapu) at the airports. They can literally take you for a ride. There will be touts at the airports offering travellers their taxi service, even pretending to be legitimate. As unbelievable as it may sound, some have been known to rob first time visitors hundreds of ringgit for a single trip into the city, charging 100 times more than the correct fare. At the airports always get your taxi from the authorised operators’ booths set up in the airport itself & never from anyone that solicits directly. They will always claim to be legitimate but are rarely licensed and may be unsafe. The taxi operator booths can provide you with receipts. Another tip is to book your taxis in advance. All good hotels’ concierge will be able to assist you with this. If travelling in an unlicensed taxi you may not be covered by your travel insurance should that taxi be involved in a mishap.

Taxi Meter Rate (as of May 2013):

Red Taxi (Budget Taxi)  : Min 3.00 RM + 1.00 RM every 1 KM Blue Taxi (Exclusive Taxi) : Min 6.00 RM + 2.00 RM every 1 KM

Even when getting taxi from the Airport, make sure you ask for Budget Taxi (Red Taxi), else you end up in Blue Taxi and pay double. In Kuala Lumpur, the 8am to 10am, 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 6pm are the busy time in the city. But if travelling close distance within city, still prefer to go by meter, unless negotiated cost if not a lot.

Car Rental and Drivers Licence

Most of the major car rental companies

  • International Driving Permit (IDP) –  Foreigners with IDP issued by their respective countries may also be allowed to drive in Malaysia for a period of 1 year.
Avis Car Rental Malaysia

Avis Car Rental Malaysia


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