We Bar in Chalong Phuket Thailand is a new bar.   Friendly staff and not expensive drink prices. 

 Pool table TV music and free WiFi

Friendly staff with always a smile . Not far from Chalong harbor so often run into expats and skipper’s sailing to Thailand.

Drink prices are reasonable

Sometimes will have parties with 

free food and live music.

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If on an adventure in Thailand a worth while trip is to a local market. 

Usual opens in the evening. Will vary in size.  I like the larger ones even though can be very crowded.   The sites aromas and sounds all a great sensory experience.   

Do you have any experience you would like to share on your adventure of life.  

The Nine Station

The Nine Station Beer Garden is located Chalong Phuket Thailand and was The Nine Lounge Bar & Restaurant.

Now more informal but still good food and unique experience with a sauna (steam room) and jacuzzi with lovely patio and garden behind the restaurant!  We recommend! New hours 4:30pm to 1am

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Beauty at the table

where is she?

she beat me

but I love her anyway

Did I play for her or the game

will we play again?

When she was smiling

was it the game or me?

Will she stay a mystery


beauty at the pool table

Photo taken at Kamala Sports Club  Kamala Phuket Thailand

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Hooter Patong Thailand

  Hooter’s is an American cafe and bar that is famous for pretty girls with large breast and hot chicken wings

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Bimi Beach Club on Surin Beach


Bimi Beach Club on Surin Beach Phuket Thailand

This was my first actual visit but have been by there several times.

I was with a friend from the USA and was showing him Surin beach and certainly wanted him to see Bimi Beach club.  I have photograph Surin Beach many times but had never visited the Bimi Beach Club.

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Peter’s Places Around Hanoi

Peter's Big Adventure

After living in Hanoi for 1 year, I felt like I should probably make a few posts listing the “Best Of” for everything in Hanoi. But then I realized that, if I’m honest, I don’t know what the best of everything is. And then I realized that nobody does. It’s a city of 6.5 million people! In a city this size, anybody who claims to know beyond the shadow of a doubt the best or worst anything is full of shit. The truth is that, aside from some street smarts you pick up after spending significant time in a place, mostly you just don’t know.

However, after living here for a year, I have my routine and usual spots. And I will share them with you now. I can’t promise you that they are the best anything in Hanoi, but I can promise you that there will be good food…

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