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Human Trafficking and Slavery. Sex and Labor SE Asia

Listing NGO and help lines.

Will write about each SE Asia country . Next though will be a listing of NGO to inform and to help those caught in the horror of being trafficked and slavery.

Women children and men. Labor and sex.

What can we do?

Estimated 21 million people trapped and some say up to 30 million. It is world wide.

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Eat, Pray, Love & Play Bali – Part 8.


With 2 days to go before 2015 ends, our dinner at Restaurant Locavore, located along the lovely shopping cum dining stretch of Jalan Dewi Sita in the heart of Ubud, got my vote for Restaurant of the Year by the time our epic culinary journey ended.


Befitting the heritage of the founders Chefs Eelke Plasjmeijer and Ray Adriansyahthe, the high-ceiling Locavore is decked out in Scandinavian chic – with clean lines blending with rustic traditions, pleasing lime-green and grey hues complemented with stylish local recycled wood furniture, lovely flower arrangements, and artfully decorated with Indonesian ornaments.


We were seated at a long table adjacent to the bar and kitchen, with a good line of sight to the chefs busy in the compact kitchen.


It’s a joy to watch the enthusiastic young chefs at work, guided by the maestro.

DSC05686As its name implies, Locavore only…

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Eat, Love, Pray & Play Bali – Part 7


I went to pay homage to award-winning Ibu Oka, an Ubud institution that draws foodies from all over the world, and to see if the hype is deserving. Ibu Oka started life as a roadside shanty selling Babi Guling (Balinese roast suckling pig), and was made famous by celebrity foodie Anthony Bourdain on his “No Reservations” TV program.


The Ibu Oka brand has since expanded to a few locations. We dined at a newer, cavernous outlet that was more canteen-like than restaurant, with a feeding frenzy ambience brought on by the touristy lunch crowd. Service was decent considering the busy hour.


The tasty and succulent pork, served simply on a piece of waxed paper, comes from a suckling pig stuffed with garlic, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass and chili and slow-roasted for hours, with the aroma of the herbs well-infused into the meat.


The crackling is…

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indahs: dive, travel & photography

Most of Raja Ampat’s advertising shows the picture of Wayag Islands. This area is without doubt an excellence choice to be the icon of Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia). Wayag is a cluster of uninhabited small islands. They are stunningly scattered like a maze above the crystal blue seawater. Magnificent view! Wayag is definitely the most beautiful area that we visited during our diving holiday in Raja Ampat.

We spent two nights in Wayag, arriving in late afternoon after heavy storm and waves to reach the islands. Our liveaboard boat had problem with its generator and we did not have electricity and fresh water for half day. It was terrible, however the splendid view of Wayag islands made up for it.

We climbed to the peak of Wayag to see the archipelago up of the hill. It was not easy since the hill formed of rocks inclining almost 90 degree…

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DSC05475DSC05446For our maiden dinner in Ubud, our driver recommended the under-the-radar Bale Udang. Bale means “floating pavilion” and Udang means “prawn” in Bahasa Indonesia.


No prizes for guessing that Bale Udang is a restaurant specialising in prawns served at quaint bamboo pavilions built over a large pond, almost a lake, teeming with fishes.


The main gazebo is a massive Cirque-du-Soleil-tent-like bamboo structure that’s amazingly built with just interlocking joints and no nails, or at least not that I can discern any.


The sprawling pond and surrounds are artistically lighted with bamboo lanters, with the rippling reflections creating a surreal ambience. Each bale has a bamboo tube that you can beat on with a smaller bamboo stick to summon the waitstaff. You are provided with packets of food pellets to feed the kois in the pond.

DSC05477DSC05491DSC05490DSC05484DSC05486DSC05489DSC05488DSC05479DSC05483DSC05481DSC05480DSC05482DSC05469DSC05485DSC05476DSC05494We had a very affordable feast – the barrage of dishes came in under S$100 for 5 people. The star of the…

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Eat, Love, Pray & Play Bali – Part 5.

DSC06544DSC05339After a one and a half hour van ride from Seminyak, followed by a bumpy traverse over narrow unpaved tracks deep into the paddy fields, we finally arrived at our destination – Agung Khalia Villa, abode for our 5 nights in Ubud, Bali. 



This incredibly alluring  villa complex is surrounded by plots of lush paddy fields; we learned from our driver that they belong to different farming families, with the boundaries of ownership demarcated by small shrines planted at the corners of each plot.


Agung Khalia Villa has an interesting history, as told to me by the villa manager Guru, a local Balinese who incidentally is a superb hospitality professional who doesn’t say no to any guest requests. Apparently the c0-owner of the villa, Californian college professor Laura Leaver, used to lead school trips to Bali. She fell in love with the place…

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Eat, Pray, Love & Play Bali – Part 2.


After enjoying our villa, we headed to Sarong for our first dinner in Bali.
Award-winning Sarong opened in 2008 in Seminyek, and is now one of the top tables in Bali, with reservations required weeks in advance.


Celebrity chef & author Chef Will Meyrick, after successful stints at Sydney’s well-regarded restaurants Longrain and Jimmy Liks, started Sarong to assemble and reinvent street-food around Asia; plating and serving them in an eclectic fine-dining style, yet retaining the authenticity of the dish.


The restaurant is walled within a lovely verdant Balinese garden potted with pretty lights. The breezy open-air curtained pavilion features majestic chandeliers, plush sofas, ethnic yet chic decor with elegant table settings, thronging with hip-looking professional waitstaff who would not look out of place in New York City.


Tasty crackers to start the dinner rolling


The zesty salad delivered a refreshing start…

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Eat, Pray, Love & Play In Bali Part 1.


This is the time of my annual vacation with my Mum and siblings; our choice of destination this year is Bali, a popular vacation spot made even more famous by the Eat, Pray, Love movie portraying Elizabeth Gilbert’s (played by Julia Roberts) soul-searching sojourn, part of which took place in Bali.

We rented a vacation home in the upscale Seminyak area – Villa Martine is hidden from the madding crowd of the main Seminyak shopping thoroughfare, down a narrow little lane; I’m amazed that our van could pass through it.


The villa is a lovely 5-bedroom bungalow with its own pool, furnished in open-concept Balinese style with a modern touch. It comes with outdoor showers in a few rooms and includes the services of 2 in-house domestic helpers who even cook your breakfast to order –  a gorgeous villa to spend 2 days.

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She Walks the World

I have never heard of Pulau Weh until I started diving early this year, when I was told of the beautiful reefs and marine life surrounding the island. So during the monsoon season (Oct-Feb) in South East Asia that usually sees most of the islands on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia close-off to visitors– I wanted to dive, and somehow, Pulau Weh seemed like a very attractive choice. Apart from the diving; it’s relatively unknown, almost untouched by mass tourism, and offers some much needed peace and quiet.

About Pulau Weh
If you want to travel as far up north of Indonesia as you can go, Pulau Weh is the place to head to. It is situated in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island, and is part of the Acheh province.

The main religion of the province is Islam, and shariah law was applied here…

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She Walks the World

Pulau Weh, or Sabang as the locals call it; is an island situated off the coast of the northern tip of Sumatra island in Indonesia. It is part of the province of Aceh, and can be reached by boat or ferry from the mainland at Banda Aceh. Noted for its beautiful natural environment, most of the surrounding area around this small active volcanic island (about 150 square kilometers) has been declared a wildlife protection area.


With so many popular and well-known islands in Indonesia, Pulau Weh is often overlooked. I have never heard of this island until quite recently; when I was told about its beautiful underwater world. Most people head to the island to dive.

However, apart from its oceanic treasures,the island offers something for the non-divers too– whether it’s discovering the volcanic mountains or just chilling by the seaside resorts, there is something for anyone who wants to…

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Conrad Bali

Photos and most text from Conrad Bali  Conrad Bali part of Hilton Hotels which is a sponsor of Life SE Asia Magazine

Conrad Bali beckons from its beach of golden sand, a beacon of highly personalized luxury and timeless style. This award-winning luxury resort located on the coast of Nusa Dua at Tanjung Benoa offers a selection of spacious guest rooms amidst the lush gardens and meandering pools of the resort, as well as the lavish accommodation of the premium and very private Conrad Suites.

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Mission Mola-Mola in Nusa Lembongan, Bali

World Adventure Divers

mission mola mola

The Mola-Mola, the giant ocean sunfish in Bahasa Indonesia, is like the ambassador of scuba diving in Bali. Meeting the heaviest bony fish in the world (it can weight up to 1000 kg) is like searching for the Holy Grail for most scuba divers coming from all over the world.

Interesting fact: in English it is a sunfish but in many other Latin languages such like French it is a “moonfish”. Whatever its name, its unique flat round body whose diameter could be up to 3m and its two long vertical caudal fins give it a recognisable look.

Important fact: they are very shy. Meeting them at their cleaning station, where they come from the depths of the ocean to get their skin cleaned by small fish, is the only way to get close interaction. If you are lucky to see them.

Nusa Lembongan: a tiny tropical paradise escape


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