dental and gums clinic

I have used this dentist for several years.  I was referred by Phuket International Hospital so felt like I was in good hands.

My first visit was kinda of emergency as I was working in the middle east and was in Thailand a short time before returning.  I was thankful that they spoke english and very friendly staff.  Unusual in the US to get right in and when I arrived  wow  No waiting!  The total cost to remove 3 teeth and the bridge was around $200    Quality was great.

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dental and gums clinic


Dental care is very good in Thailand  and comparing it to my experience in the USA  way way less expensive!

When I was working in the middle east many of my co-workers would go to Thailand for dental care.  Thailand has very good medical and dental care but way less expensive with equal quality than the USA.  I would also add in my own experience better service!

Just trying to get into a dentist office in the US is a long wait then the wait in the waiting room.  In Thailand, usual the appointment time is the time you actual see the doctor.     My own experience was having 3 teeth removed and a bridge made. Excellent quality and care and the price total was less $100.  That was in Phuket Town.

Many many web site you can search for a dentist.  My own dentist is in Phuket at Dental and Gums Clinic at 143 Phang-nga Rd Taladyai Muang Phuket Thailand  Ph +66 076217710 and email    I found them when I went to Phuket International Hospital as they referred me.  The hospital did do dental x-rays and when it came to pay for the x-rays less than $10   wow!

we recommend having medical and evacuation insurance when traveling 
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