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Getting in and out

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Ferries link Singapore with the neighbouring Indonesian province of Riau Islands and the Malaysian state of Johor.

Singapore has five ferry terminals which handle international ferries: HarbourFront (formerly World Trade Centre) near Sentosa, Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Marina Bay, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal on the East Coast, as well as Changi Ferry Terminal andChangi Point Ferry Terminal, both at the eastern side of the island near the airport.

Getting to/away from the ferry terminals:

  • HarbourFront FT: Located next to HarbourFront MRT station.
  • Marina Bay Cruise Centre: The shuttle to Marina Bay MRT station is the obvious choice.
  • Tanah Merah FT: Get off at Bedok MRT station and catch bus No. 35 to ferry terminal.
  • Changi FT: No bus stop nearby, take a taxi from Changi Village or Tanah Merah MRT.
  • Changi Point FT: Take bus No. 2, 29 or 59 to Changi Village Bus Terminal and walk to the ferry terminal.

To/from Indonesia

To/from Batam: Ferries to/from Batam Centre, Batu Ampar (Harbour Bay), Sekupang and Waterfront City (Teluk Senimba) use HarbourFront FT, while ferries to/from Nongsapura use Tanah Merah FT. Operators at Harbourfront include:

  • Penguin, ☎ +65 6271 4866 in HarbourFront ☎+62 778 467574 in Batam Centre ☎+62 778 321636 in Sekupang ☎+62 778 381280 in Waterfront City . Virtually hourly ferries to/from Batam Centre and Sekupang, fewer ferries to/from Waterfront City. $16/20 one-way/return before taxes and fuel surcharge.
  • Indo Falcon, ☎ +65 6278 3167. Hourly ferries to Batam Centre, fewer to Waterfront City. This company does not operate to/from Sekupang. Similar fares.
  • Berlian/Wave Master, ☎ +65 6546 8830. Operates 16 trips to/from Batu Ampar. Fares are similar to the other companies.
  • Dino/Batam Fast, ☎+65 6270 0311 in Harbourfront ☎ +62 778 467793, +62 778 470344 in Batam Centre ☎ +62 778 325085, +62 778 3250856 in Sekupang ☎ +62 778 381150 in Waterfront City, [139]. Also hourly ferries to/from Batam Centre, fewer ferries to/from Sekupang and Waterfront City. $14/20 one-way/return before taxes and surcharges.

At Tanah Merah:

  • Dino/Batam Fast, ☎ +65 6270 0311 in Singapore ☎ +62 778 761071 in Nongsa, . Around 8 ferries daily to/from Nongsa, the resort area on the northeastern tip of Batam. $16/22 one-way/return before taxes and surcharges.

To/from Bintan: All ferries for Bintan use Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. For Tanjung Pinang, there are total of 6 ferries a day, increasing to 9 during weekends. $25/35 one-way/return before taxes and surcharges. Operators include:

  • Dino/Batam Fast, ☎ +65 6542 6310 in Tanah Merah,
  • Penguin, ☎ +65 6542 7105 in Tanah Merah ☎+62 771 315143 in Tanjung Pinang ☎ +62 770 696120 in Lobam,
  • Indo Falcon, ☎ +65 65426786 in Tanah Merah,
  • Berlian/Wave Master, ☎ +65 6546 8830 in Tanah Merah.

For Bintan Resorts (Bandar Bentan Telani), Bintan Resort Ferries, ☎ +65 6542 4369, [144] operates five ferries from Tanah Merah FT on weekdays, increasing to 7 during weekends. $34.60/50.20 one-way/return peak period, $26.60/39.20 one-way/return off-peak including taxes and fuel surcharge.

To/from Karimun: Tanjung Balai is served by Penguin and IndoFalcon from Harbourfront, with six ferries total on weekdays, increasing to 8 during weekends. $24/33 one-way/return including taxes and fuel surcharge.

To/From Malaysia

Ferries shuttle from Singapore to southeastern Johor and are handy for access to the beach resort of Desaru. The scheduled ferry service to Tioman was discontinued in 2003.

  • Pengerang/ Tanjung Pengelih: Bumboats shuttle between Changi Point Ferry Terminal at Changi Village, 51 Lorong Bekukong, ☎ +65 6545 2305, +65 65451616, and Pengerang, a village at the southeastern tip of Johor. Boats ($10 per person, $2 per bicycle one-way) operate 07:00-19:00 and leave when they reach the 12-passenger quota.
  • Sebana Cove Resort, Desaru: Ferries to/from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal operated by Indo Falcon, ☎ +65 6542 6786 in Tanah Merah. Three ferries daily except Tue. $48(A)/38(C) return including taxes and fuel surcharge.
  • Tanjung Belungkor, Desaru: Cruise Ferries ☎ +65 65468518, +65 65468675, Operates passenger ferries from Changi Ferry Terminal three times daily, departures at 10:00, 17:00, 20:00 $22 return. The previous car ferry service has been suspended.


Star Cruises offers multi-day cruises from Singapore to points throughout Southeast Asia, departing from HarbourFront FT. Itineraries vary widely and change from year to year, but common destinations include Malacca, Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Penang, Langkawi,Redang and Tioman in Malaysia, as well as Phuket, Krabi, Ko Samui and Bangkok in Thailand. There are also several cruises every year to Borneo (Malaysia), Sihanoukville (Cambodia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and even some 10 night long hauls to Hong Kong. An all-inclusive 2 night cruise may cost as little as $400 per person in the cheapest cabin class if you book early, but beware the numerous surcharges and note that non-residents may be charged significantly higher rates.

Singapore is also a popular stop for round-the-world and major regional cruises including those originating from as far as Japan, China, Australia, Europe and North America. Many of those cruises embark/disembark passengers here, while others pay port visits. Check with cruise companies and sellers for details.


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Arrival Departure
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Berlian Ferries
Bintan Resort Ferries
Batam Fast
Indo Falcon
Mozaic Ferries
Pacific Ferries
Horizon Fast Ferry
Sindo Ferry
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Date:Scheduled Time:Terminal: ———ALL———-
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06:00 – 11:59
12:00 – 17:59
18:00 – 23:59———ALL———-
Tanah Merah


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Arrival Departure
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Arrivals procedure

The immigration hall is located on the ground floor of the terminal. Separate queues are provided for international passengers (Foreigners) and Singapore citizens and residents (Singaporeans).
• Foreigners are required to complete an immigration card before proceeding to immigration
• Singaporeans are welcome to use the Enhanced Immigration Automated Clearance System (EIACS) to clear immigration

After immigration, all passengers are required to collect their baggage from the baggage claim hall before proceeding to customs for clearance.

Visitors Guide

With an amazing concentration of sights, sounds, tastes, cultures and attractions all packed into our small, user-friendly island city, cruise passengers can easily personalise their visit around whatever they love to do, and at their own pace in Singapore. You can plan your agenda and make an itinerary easily online at

Upcoming attractions in Singapore include a River Safari, which will open in 2012, along with the first stage of what is to be a stunning 101 hectares of Gardens by the Bay. Gardens by the Bay, which will define Singapore as the world’s premier tropical garden city, is comprised of three distinctive waterfront gardens at the heart of Marina Bay, home to the new International Cruise Terminal.

Near to the cruise terminal, recently opened attractions include Resorts World Sentosa’s Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium, which takes an innovative look at the history of the Maritime Silk Route. The Museum depicts Southeast Asia’s maritime trade history during 9th to 19th century, with features of more than 400 rare objects. It is the first and only museum to showcase the Asian maritime history.

In the vicinity

The HarbourFront terminal is situated close to a wide variety of activities and attractions. From here you can visit Sentosa Island, which has a wide array of outdoor and indoor activities, including beaches where you can swim with a dolphin, catch a show, go indoor sky diving, or ride a segway. You could also visit Universal Studios or stay at a themed hotel at Resorts World Sentosa.

The HarbourFront terminal is attached to Maritime Square, which has a wide variety of retail options. It is also where you can catch a cable car to Sentosa Island. If you fancy shopping, you need look no further than Vivo City mall, which is also connected to the HarbourFront terminal. Vivo City is home to many of the world’s leading retail brands, along with some of the best eateries that Singapore has to offer.

Travelling around Singapore

The island of Singapore is very accessible from the HarbourFront terminal by train (MRT), bus, or taxi. Buses and trains typically cost no more than SG$3.50 per journey. The train at HarbourFront runs on the North-East, or purple line, and easily connects to other lines to bring you to the city or the airport. It takes less than 10 minutes to reach the heart of the city by train, and less than 30 minutes to reach the airport by train. Buses connect from HarbourFront to the south, west, central and east of the city from HarbourFront. Taxi’s are very reasonably priced and available in abundance to take you anywhere on the island.

Destinations from Singapore

With its political stability, Indonesia is now opening up as an attractive destination. Indonesia is an archipelago, consisting of between 17,508 – 18,306 islands; 922 of those are permanently inhabited. Indonesia has an immense and diverse array of attractions and destinations. It is a fascinating destination for cruises departing Singapore.


BatamFast Ferry Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6270 2228 (HarbourFront) /
(65) 6542 6310 (Tanah Merah)
Fax: (65) 6270 0322 (HarbourFront) /
(65) 6542 6302 (Tanah Merah)

• Batam Centre, Batam
• Harbour Bay, Batam
• Sekupang, Batam
• Nongsapura, Batam


Berlian Ferries Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6272 0501 (HarbourFront) /
(65) 6786 9959 & (65) 6786 5585 (Tanah Merah)
Fax: (65) 6546 8831 (HarbourFront) /
(65) 6785 0668 (Tanah Merah)

• Batam Centre, Batam
• Sekupang, Batam
• Tanjung Pinang, Bintan

Bintan Resort Ferries Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6542 4369
Fax: (65) 6542 4372

• Pulau Lobam, Bintan
• Teluk Sebong (Bintan Resort), Bintan



Indo Falcon Shipping & Travel Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6270 6778
Fax: (65) 6278 2923

• Teluk Senimba (Waterfront City), Batam
• Tanjong Balai, Karimun

SINDO Ferry Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6271 4866 (HarbourFront) /
(65) 6542 7105 (Tanah Merah)
Fax: (65) 6275 9861 (HarbourFront) /
(65) 6542 7109 (Tanah Merah)
• Batam Centre, Batam
• Sekupang, Batam
• Tanjong Balai, Karimun
• Tanjung Pinang, Bintan
• Teluk Senimba (Waterfront City), Batam

Pacific Ferry Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6278 9688
Fax: (65) 6278 6088
• Sekupang, Batam

Mozaic Ferry Lines
Tel: (65) 6785 7455
Fax: (65) 6542 7805
• Bintan Lagoon, Bintan


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