Boat trip to the river mouth

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Boat trip to the river mouth Introduction After a whole day without electricity. I am back at 7.45 pm after…

Infinity Dreams Award

This came as a surprise and certainly pleased.  I want to thank Nilla of Image Earth Blog for nominating us and she is also at Nilla’s Photography  She captures life’s  beauty.  Rules for the Infinity Dreams Award: Thank the… Read More

White Cottage Kata Beach art for today by jackie

Why post art?   To show the beauty of LIFE  either in words or the eye! Taken at Kata Beach Phuket Thailand Canon Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC can view all my fine art of se… Read More

Hamilton Island

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Why is Hamilton Island attracting so much INTERNATIONAL attention lately? Most recently Taylor Swift hosted her Birthday Bash on the beautiful Island. ? Well there are many reasons why celebrities are choosing to head…


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WENDY WHITELEY AND THE SECRET GARDEN AT LAVENDER BAY On Christmas Day 2015, after sharing lunch with my friend from Switzerland, we made our way to Lavender Bay to visit this unassuming…