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Getting in by train travel


Singapore is the southern terminus of Malaysia’s Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Malayan Railway or KTMB) network. There are two day trains (the Ekspres Sinaran Pagi and Ekspres Rakyat) and a sleeper service (Ekspres Senandung Malam) daily from Kuala Lumpur, and also a day train (the Lambaian Timur departing Singapore at 04:45) and sleeper (Ekspres Timuran departing at 18:00) daily along the “Jungle Railway” between Singapore and Gua Musang (Lambian Timur) or Tumpat (Ekspres Timuran), near Kota Bharu in theEast Coast of Malaysia. Trains are clean and fairly efficient, but slower than buses.

KTMB tickets in Singapore will be charged in dollars, while those bought in Malaysia will be charged in ringgit at a 1:1 rate. A ticket which costs RM10 (€2.32) in Malaysia will thus cost $10 (€5.75) if bought in Singapore. There are three ways to avoid paying double:

  1. Book your tickets as return tickets from Malaysia. For example, Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-Kuala Lumpurwill be charged at the ringgit rate.
  2. Cross the border by road and then board the train at Johor Bahru. Note that making a reservation is highly advisable; the easiest way is to book online.
  3. Buy the cheapest ticket you can from Singapore to JB, then your ‘real’ ticket from JB onward. Change to your ‘real’ seat after crossing the border.
  4. Book your tickets online at KTMB’s web-site, but it has to be done 48 hours in advance.

All KTMB trains now depart from the Woodlands Train Checkpoint near the Malaysian border. This means that immigration formalities go back to normal international practice – Singapore immigration followed by Malaysia immigration at Woodlands, then Malaysia stamps you in at Woodlands. In the reverse direction, Malaysian immigration checks are carried out on board the trains at Johor Bahru, and the train then heads for Woodlands where Singapore customs is located. The West Coast Line runs from Padang Besar railway station close to the Malaysia-Thailand Border in Perlis (where it connects with the State Railway of Thailand) to Woodlands Train Checkpoint in Singapore. It is called the West Coast line because it serves the West Coast states of Peninsular Malaysia. The train runs through most of the major stations in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, such as KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur and Butterworth railway station in Butterworth, Penang. The route map below shows the lists of stations that will be available after the West Coast electrified double-tracking project.

Buy your ticket online

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Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Woodlands Train Checkpoint (abbreviated as WTCP, also known as Woodlands CIQ, formerly Woodlands railway station) is a train checkpoint in Woodlands, Singapore tri-owned by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM)   The waiting area does not have public toilets or anywhere to eat, so there’s no reason to arrive early.    There is a KTM InterCity ticket counter at Woodlands station so you can buy tickets there.  Only cash is accepted, no credit cards, so ideally get some cash before leaving central Singapore, but if you need cash there are ATMs across the street along the market area about 5 minutes walk from the station.  The ticket counter will not sell tickets less than 20 minutes before the departure of each train.  There are no food stalls inside Woodlands station but there’s a small supermarket across the road, or stock up before leaving central Singapore.


 To get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint

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 BY MRT or Mass Rapid Transit /Bus/ Taxi

Woodlands MRT Station

Link to MRT

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Location Map

EXIT A Woodlands Square, Si Ling Pri Sch, Woodgrove Pri Sch, Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange, Causeway Point, Civic Centre
EXIT B Causeway Point, Civic Centre, Woodlands Square, Marsiling Ind Est, Shang Di Miao/Hong Tho Temple
EXIT C Republic Polytechnic, Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange
Destination First Train Last Train
Mon – Fri Sat Sun & Pub Holiday Daily Last Train from Jurong East to Ang Mo Kio on Sunday to Thursday nights from 2 November 2014 Last Train from Marina Bay to Jurong East on Sunday to Thursday nights from 2 November 2014
North-South Line
Last train service terminating at NS1 EW27 Jurong East
5:38am 5:37am 6:01am 12:36am 12:03am
North-South Line
Last train service terminating at NS7 Kranji
North-South Line
Last train service terminating at NS27 CE2 Marina Bay
5:27am 5:27am 5:45am 11:15pm
North-South Line
Last train service terminating at  NS19 Toa Payoh
North-South Line
Last train service terminating at NS16 Ang Mo Kio
12:39am 12:24am


There are no Automated Teller Machine facilities at this station currently.

Bicycle Racks: Yes

Bike racks are available at most MRT stations. For information on bringing foldable bikes onboard trains and buses

TransitLink Ticket Office: Operating Hours

Mondays to Sundays: 10.00am to 9.00pm


The bus is easy to find, just downstairs from the MRT train, go to bus bay 11   link to Buses

Woodlands Woodlands Ave 5 Woodlands Bus Interchange
On Lot 2004 2157
Mk 13
Singapore 730000
Situated underneath Woodlands MRT station and Causeway Point 169, 178, 187, 856, 858, 900/900A, 901, 902, 903, 904, 911, 912, 913, 925/925C 926, 950, 960, 961/961C, 962, 963/963E/963R, 964, 965, 966, 969

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Trains of KTMB

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To learn more about Malaysian Train Travel  Train Travel Malaysia

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KTMB LINK for tickets and schedules

Mass Transit by Rail Singapore Getting Around

source Wikitravel

The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and LRT (Light Rail Transit) are trains that are the main trunk of Singapore’s transit system. They are a cheap and very reliable mode of transportation, and the network covers most points of interest for the visitor. EZ-link or Nets FlashPay farecards  are the easiest and most popular ways to use the MRT. All lines are seamlessly integrated, even if the lines are operated by different transport companies, so you do not need to buy a new ticket to transfer. All train lines use contactless RFID tickets. Just tap to scan your train ticket at the gantry when entering and exiting the train service area. Single-trip tickets are purchased from ticket machines located before the gantries and cost from $0.80 to $2.20. A $0.10 deposit is charged when purchasing a new ticket card. The deposit is refunded in double through a $0.10 fare reduction each on the 3rd and 6th trip made with the card. To load a new ticket onto an existing card at a ticket machine, just place it on the designated spot and follow the on-screen instructions.

Distance based fares
Please remember these points to enjoy the full benefits of distance based fares:

  • Pay with an EZ-Link or NETS Flashpay stored value card
  • Make at most 5 transfers within a single journey, with a 45-minute allowance between each transfer
  • Take at most 2 hours to complete a journey
  • Enter and exit the train network only once in a journey and
  • Do not take the same bus service number more than once in a journey

The MRT stations are clean and usually equipped with free toilets. Underground stations have platform screen doors between the train and the platform while most above-ground stations have Half-height Platform Screen Doors (HHPSDs) so there is no risk of falling onto the tracks. The North-East line is fully automated, as is the new Circle Line, the LRT and all upcoming lines, so it’s worth walking up to the front of the train to look out a tiny window and realize that there is no driver! There are exceptions though, when a staff member comes in to drive the train. This is common when a train’s automatic driving system fails. In this case, a tape will be put up behind the driving area to prevent passengers from interfering with the driver.

As of April 2014, a new line connects the promenade (where the flyer is located) with Chinatown station.

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SMRT operates Singapore mass transit system. Easy to use and friendly    LINK to SMRT

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SMRT rail network comprises three MRT lines (North-South, East-West & Circle Lines) and one LRT line (Bukit Panjang LRT). The combined route length of our network is 128.6 kilometres.

The 93 bus services we operate connect people from the Western and North-Western parts to the rest of Singapore while our fleet of taxis cater to travellers with varied needs, including the need for greater capacity and wheelchair accessibility.

Getting around is a breeze, as the country is well served by an integrated Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rapid Transit (LRT), public buses and taxis.

Mass Rapid Transit and Light Rapid Transit systems

The MRT and LRT systems are the backbone of the city’s public transport system.

Four MRT lines are in operation today:

  • North-South Line (Red line on the network map)
  • East-West Line (Green line on the network map)
  • North-East Line (Purple line on the network map)
  • Circle Line (Yellow line on the network map)

The three LRT systems connect residential estates to the MRT system

  • Bukit Panjang (Bukit Panjang LRT)
  • Sengkang (Sengkang LRT)
  • Punggol (Punggol (LRT)

There are a host of ticketing schemes based on stored value smartcards to suit a wide variety of needs. There are standard tickets (ST) for one-time travel, tourist passes, and student and senior citizen concession passes. TransitLink is the sole ticketing operator that manages the public transport ticketing system in Singapore. Please visit for more info.

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