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We are Back

We are back. Stopped do to family. I am a single parent with a daughter and son.

But main reason I have PTSD for several years from years in Iraq. Over time and age became worse. Gradually so did not notice till I had a PTSD attack. Will write more about this to update my previous articles.

Also hopefully in a relationship that will enlarge our family. So till next article.

Botan that help start this magazine is also coming back. She is a great writer and photographer.

Below my family. Kids become older.

Love 💕💕💕💕💕💕

Help us get our book published.

Kickstarter an all-or-nothing funding model. If our project doesn’t reach its goal, then funds don’t get collected, and no money changes hands.

Chinese Shrines Phuket Thailand

Chinese Folk Religion

Book will document the shrines with emphasis on beauty .

I started visiting the shrines out of curiosity and photographing them several years ago. Certainly nothing like them in the USA. Coming from the Phuket International Airport on the main highway is Tha Rue. Most of the shrines are off the tourist path. Side streets and allies.

Kickstarter is a crowd source company for artist , writers, creative projects.

Multiple rewards for backers.

Book will be available as PDF, eBook and a hard copy. Approximately 80 to 120 pages. 8×10 image wrap cover printed by Blurb.

Mostly full page spread and some across double page. Printed on quality paper. Will add description each shrine and location.

My Goal is to preserve my art for my children in a physical format where they actually can hold vs digital format.

Please visit our project at Kickstarter to learn more.

Chinese Shrines

Please support us. Patty and Jojo and me . By supporting us you become an important member of our team. Could not do this project without you. Thank You.

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