We Bar in Chalong Phuket Thailand is a new bar.   Friendly staff and not expensive drink prices. 

 Pool table TV music and free WiFi

Friendly staff with always a smile . Not far from Chalong harbor so often run into expats and skipper’s sailing to Thailand.

Drink prices are reasonable

Sometimes will have parties with 

free food and live music.

Google map of We Bar

We Bar Facebook


In our journey in life. There is beauty all around us. Sadly also much sadness uglyness. Hate. We all experience and see this. In my photography I try to show the beauty of life as I see it.  I have loved much and had great heartache. But thankful for even the heartache as I learn from them. 
We can decide to see and focus on the beauty and love  around us or become cynical or have a cold heart.   I have always chosen beauty and love. I hope I do that the rest of my journey of life.

Sample of some of the beauty that I see in my everyday life.

Beauty of family and my kids

Some of my photography is with my phone and Adobe apps .  The rest I process on my Mac with Adobe.

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