February Holidays, Festivals, Events

Chinese New Year- all over SE Asia


Chinese New Year — or Lunar New Year — is celebrated in regions of Southeast Asia that have notable Chinese populations. Colorful and frenetic festivities occur throughout Singapore and Malaysia, as well as Vietnam and parts of Indonesia. Celebrations last for 15 days, beginning on the first day of the Chinese calendar and ending on the 15th day. Singapore, where Lunar New Year is a public holiday, has particularly extravagant celebrations, as streets and Kreta Ayer Square are filled with fireworks, traditional lion dancers, fire eaters, music and parades.
In Thailand, Cambodia and Burma, Songkran marks the new year and is celebrated in mid-April for four days. It is recognized as the time when the Sun re-enters the sign of Aries. Songkran also comes at one of the hottest times of the year, so in Thailand, the festive mood is captured by people playfully throwing buckets of ice water on each other in the streets. Songkran is also a time to pay homage to Buddha, as Thais will clean their homes as a sign of respect.



Marha Puha – Laos

Taking place on the night of the Full Moon in February

Phuket Yacht Show – Phuket Thailand

The event is destined to become the focal point of the luxury charter yacht business in Asia Pacific, and is set to take place February 11 to 14, 2016 at Phuket’s Ao Po Grand Marina.

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