Guest Writers/Photographers

We are looking for writers/photographers  to be a guest or maybe full time with us.  If your a Photographer and would like to show case your work and its SE Asia, maybe we can do that?











Vu Ngoc Photography

Vu Ngoc

Vu Ngoc







Vu Ngoc is from Hanoi Vietnam and I have admired his photography.  He is busy working with little time for blogging. Trying to capture the culture of Vietnam.

To view his    Mùa gặt ….Harvest


To View LIFE VietNam by photographer Vu Ngoc

Hanoi, Vietnam

Take a look at his Facebook page .


Payal Kakkar Photgraphy



To view Payals Post on  Krabi Aonang and Railey beach by Dr. Payal Kakkar

I am a Photographer, Indian Classical Dancer and a Holistic Nutrition Consultant.  Somehow my love for art, people and good living is self explanatory in all my three work spheres. I love to travel and eat well. I eat healthy and find South Asian food as one of the healthiest way of cooking. My passion for life and exploring the Planet Earth and its pristine beauty can be seen in my passionate work.

Taming the light, switching the angles, fusing the colors, melting the patterns, introducing the shades, multiplying dynamics, reflecting emotions.


If you like my work, please follow the link to visit my Facebook page :

Payal Kakkar Photography

With Kind Regards

Dr. Payal Kakkar

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Spl. Diabetes and Sports Nutrition

Thoi Luu Thuan

Thoi Luu Thuan

Thoi Luu Thaun

He is from Vietnam and I have admired his work for some time.  His english is limited so we let his art speak for him. We will start with landscapes then his portraits.

He can be reached on his Facebook page Thoi Luu Thaun 

address: Thoi Luu Thuan
address: 119/1 Pham Van Thuan P Tan Tien Bien Hoa Dong Nai
year of Birth 1958
Phone Number : 840908001899

Thoi Luu Thuan Guest Photographer Vietnam landscapes

Thai Lu Thuan Vietnam Landscapes 2

Thoi Luu Thuan Guest Photographer Vietnam Landscapes 3

Thoi Luu Thuan Guest Photographer Faces Guest Photographer

John James

John James

Founder, Director of Videography · March 2015 to present · Rawai, Phuket, Thailand
In 2015, the Best E-Motion Video Production Company was founded in Phuket, Thailand. It was founded to assist local businesses and individuals with professional level videography services at an affordable price. We take great pleasure in seeing your ideas, passion, and vision come to life on screen, so that it may be shared with others.
 John has added a review of Action Point Weight Loss & Weight Loss Resort Phuket Thailand   He has been visiting Action Point for  some time and the review is his own personal opinion.

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