We will be writing more about this with resources and help .

Human Trafficking and Slavery. Sex and Labor SE Asia

Listing NGO and help lines.

Will write about each SE Asia country . Next though will be a listing of NGO to inform and to help those caught in the horror of being trafficked and slavery.

Women children and men. Labor and sex.

What can we do?

Estimated 21 million people trapped and some say up to 30 million. It is world wide.

Please go to our page and give us a like.

Please share to help !!

If you have a story or know someone that needs help. Please contact us . We are now building a list of resources.

Love. Food. Asia.

When you´ve never been to Singapore in winter season you may think the people there are not used to the western Christmas culture. But you´re wrong.

When I´ve been there for the first time I went to Orchard Road and saw the lights, trees and beautiful decorations. I never expected a scene like this.

The people in Singapore love Christmas. It doesn´t matter if they are christians or not.

If you plan to visit Singapore you should come in December. Its weird to view Christmas decorations and walk in shorts or in a skirt.

Featured image by ION Orchard / Facebook

Second picture by Love.Food.Asia. from 2013


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The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill -Perfect execution and fun service!

Simply foodolicious! おいしい! 好吃! 맛있는! délicieux! delicioso! 好食!

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill

One Fullerton near Raffles Place MRT

DSC_0755Loving it already the moment we set our feet into The Pelican Seafood Bar as you would be greeted first with a showy, gaudy bar counter while not going unnoticed, how this restaurant is laced with the comfy cushion fitted seats. A wide angle photo beckons upon such a beautiful interior. And what makes it an even lovelier dining experience, is how personal the service is rendered over here at Pelican. Fun, chatty, not superficial yet not at all intrusive, this could perhaps be one of the better services we’ve come across so far in our dining escapades as you know they sincerely want you to enjoy your time here.

DSC_0781DSC_0779We didn’t come here just for desserts but pardon me to start off with this decadent blob of Whoopie Pie first! Not exactly for the faint hearted but definitely THE…

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Hilton Singapore

Hilton Singapore

Photos from Hilton Singapore and some of the text.  Hilton Hotels is a sponsor of Life SE Asia Magazine 

Conveniently located in Orchard Road, in the heart of premier shopping district, Hilton Singapore is shopping destination in itself boasting two floors of luxury boutiques. Discover an array of exciting attractions nearby, including the iconic Ion Orchard Shopping mall & Takashimaya Shopping Center.

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