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Getting in Philippines by boat


Travel by sea between the Philippines and  Malaysia . However, schedules and routes are very liable to change so it’s best to be flexible in your plans. As of 01/28/2015 could NOT confirm Aleson Shipping going to Malaysia!  

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 Getting around Philippines by water

Next to buses, ships are the cheapest modes of transports when getting around the country.

Metro Manila

Get around Manila with Pasig’s  Pasig Ferry Service, water buses are available in stations around the historical river of Pasig.

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The Pasig River Ferry Service, was the only water-based transportation that cruised the Pasig River from Barangay Pinagbuhatan in Pasig City to Intramuros, Manila. The system was owned and operated by a private company, SCC Nautical Transport Services Incorporated. Although commonly referred to as a ferry, it was more akin to a water bus.

In February 2011, the service was suspended, but was reopened on April 28, 2014.  The ferry service will be operated by Metro Manila Development Authority until a private investor takes over.  Suggest you contact the  MMDA for recent updates and schedules!

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Pasig River Ferry



6:00 am (1st trip) to 4:15 pm (last trip)


Noon December 2014, pito (7) ng 11 ferry stations ay kasalukuyang bukas:

  1. Intramuros (Plaza Mexico) Ferry Station, Manila City
  2. Escolta Ferry Station, Manila City
  3. PUP Ferry Station, Manila City
  4. Sta. Ana Ferry Station, Manila City
  5. Guadalupe Ferry Station, Makati City
  6. San Joaquin Ferry Station, Pasig City
  7. Pinagbuhatan Ferry Station, Pasig City


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The stations are air-conditioned and provide rest or comfort rooms. Every station employs cashiers that sell tickets to passengers.

Inter-island trips

Ferry trips to other islands can take over 24 hours, depending on distance.

Oceanjet is a reliable company offering fast ferries throughout the Visayas at affordable prices

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Presently have five (5) high speed craft in its fleet with the addition of three brand new high speed crafts known as Oceanjet3, Oceanjet5, and Oceanjet6 and some acquisition from other players who yielded to the stiffness of the competition within the industry. With its motto “taking you there fast and easy”, the company has created a niche in the market who loves to be pampered and finds Oceanjet easy to deal with.

Confined but comfortable smoking areas were set up both in the terminal and on board the craft. The only one in the industry that offers airline buckets that relines or tilts to comfortable wishes in its business class accommodation.

Flat plasma televisions that beams out the much sought after latest and vintage box office movies on board for complete viewing entertainment during the entire trip and branded by many as a high speed floating cinemas.

State of the art fully air-conditioned passenger terminal of international standard equipped with the latest in technological wonders was set up with pampering service as a guiding principle.

The passenger terminal offers free wireless internet connection (wifi) so that passengers may surf the internet or check emails both personal and business wirelessly within the zone.

A one stop shop set-up allows the waiting passengers to while their time away without fear of missing the trips. The passenger’s urge to be in the terminal with the craft just about to leave is a thing of the past as the fully air-conditioned passenger terminal practically offers almost everything, from a cafeteria that offers simple snacks to sumptuous heavy meals, a convenience store that offers a bit of everything to travelers like “pasalubong” or gift shop & souvenir items, a cinematic waiting lounge with favorite movies filling up the waiting gaps. Male and female comfort rooms to ease up personal necessities. Powder areas for women to make final facial touch-ups and where toddlers may have diapers changed to stay fresh always.

In the pipeline is wireless internet connection while jet setting on board to your favorite destination, and a breastfeeding section for the caring mothers. This is going to be another first in the industry.

Schedules at   http://www.oceanjet.net/fare-and-schedule

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Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.40.53 PMCustomer service for OceanJet and Contact information at    http://www.oceanjet.net/customer-support



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2GO Travel is one of the largest, premier land/sea-travel provider in the Philippines.  The company offers a wide selection of hotel accommodations/services, tours and events packages, with the ease of land/sea travel.  From the sunny beaches of Boracay, to the iconic skylines of Manila, 2GO travel works with over 1,200 outlets nationwide, catering to various ports in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

You can buy your e-ticket thru their web site as well as see their schedules, fares, destinations.   http://travel.2go.com.ph/index.asp


For Schedules and Rates : Customer Interaction Center
Trunkline : (+63 2) 5287000E-Mail: info@2go.com.ph
For Online Ticketing : Website Coordinator
Trunkline : (+63 2) 5287209
For Ticket Delivery : Customer Interaction Center
Trunkline : (+63 2) 5287000
For Tours and Group Sales : Direct Line: (+63 2) 5287840
GLOBE: 0905-4786596
SMART: 0919-8943926
SUN: 0922-2051963
E-Mail: Tours_and_Groups@2go.com.ph

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Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.25.55 PM SuperCat schedules, fares, destinations, booking a ticket


SuperCats are twin-hulled fast ferry catamarans measuring an average of 35 to 45 meters in length cruising at speeds of up to 34 knots (63 kilometers per hour). This means cutting travel time between the ports by more than 50%.All SuperCat vessels boast of comfortable airline-type seats, are fully air-conditioned and have wall to wall carpeting with a canteen / mini bar to delight your cravings while on board. A 35-meter SuperCat has an average seating capacity of 245 passengers and a 40-meter catamaran can carry as much as 306 passengers.They are equipped with advanced safety and navigational equipment like the computer controlled Motion Dampening System (MDS). This hydraulically operated stabilizer assures maximum comfort as the vessel glides over rough waves. Its waterjet propulsion features impellers that create a smooth and quiet journey. Another state of the art feature is night vision capability that allows navigation at night even at speeds of 32 knots because of powerful camera lenses that amplify objects by 250,000 fold through an image intensifier.
Night vision produces a picture on a television screen in the control panel of the Captain, providing the appearance of a daylight picture. In total darkness or difficult lighting, this enhancement is augmented by an infrared illuminator that forms the heart of the system to heighten the contrast of objects in the path of the craft. SuperCat values the safety and comfort of its passengers.
Though our vessels are equipped with sophisticated computer-based navigational equipment, safety management training and weekly drills are conducted to ensure swift and professional response to any emergencies on board. In 1998, SuperCat vessels were conferred an International Safety Management accreditation, proving the value of investing millions of pesos in training its marine crew and land-based personnel.
For more information please call +63 (32) 233-7000 or email our customer care or contact any of our offices.

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