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A LRT-2 train at the platform of the J. Ruiz Station

A LRT-2 train at the platform of the J. Ruiz Station

The Philippine National Railways (PNR)  currently operates two overnight intercity services: the Bicol Express between Manila and Naga, Camarines Sur, which resumed on June 29, 2011 after a five-year absence, and the Mayon Limited between Manila and Ligao in Albay. Additional services are expected in the future as the rehabilitation of the PNR network progresses. Train service is comparable to (or slower than, due to delays) buses in terms of speed, but is more comfortable owing to the use of donated Japanese coaches for the service.  The Bicol Express and Mayon Limited are NOT non-stop services: from Tutuban, Manila’s main train station, the train calls at several points in Metro Manila, Laguna, Quezon and Camarines Sur before arriving in Naga (and Albay before arriving in Ligao for the Mayon Limited). It is possible to travel between any two points served by the services, and fares are distance-based. Children under three feet may travel for free.

Rail transport in the Philippines is a growing means of transportation for passengers and cargo in the country. Such means of transportation are used typically for rapid transport within major cites as well as long distance travel. The Philippine railway network consists of one commuter rail service provided by the Philippine National Railways (PNR), and a rapid transit system operated by the Light Rail Transit Authority and Metro Rail Transit Corporation. All three services were integrated through the Strong Republic Transit System, a project aimed at improving interchanges from one line to another.

Philippines National Railways

Philippines National Railways web site

Manila – Bicol trips are currently suspended. Please bear with us. dated 23 Jan 2015

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Mayon Limited

On the Mayon Limited, only reclining air-conditioned economy class (“deluxe”) and regular economy class are offered. However, unlike the Bicol Express, the Mayon Limited provides service using two different trains: the “deluxe” service operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while the “economy” service operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

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The Mayon Limited has two classes: 1) De Luxe, and 2) Ordinary. De Luxe is an air-conditioned three-car train with a total seating of 90. Each car is arranged at three seats abreast with a middle and side hallway. The chairs can be arranged in a tete-a-tete mode(above). De Luxe has an Executive Lounge with view deck at the end of each train.

Mayon Limited DeLux

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The Mayon Limited De Luxe Executive Lounge at the end of each train offers a panoramic view of the train route, apart from a roomy lounging area perfect for quick in-transit meetings.

Bicol Express

The Bicol Express between Manila and Naga, Camarines Sur.

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The Bicol Express is composed of three types of coaches: 1) Reclining Aircon (above), which seats four abreast, two on each side of the aisle; 2) Family Sleeper and 3) Executive Sleeper. All cars have centralized air conditioning.

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 When we hear about them running again will update schedules and fairs

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