A Coffee Date in the Arabian Desert


Ghana Chalan Al Dhaheri is a well renowned historian and researcher of Arabic culture and traditions, but there is another role that she enjoys most. She is also a master storyteller and her favourite story is always told over a cup of the world’s most loved beverage – coffee! Coffee is sacred to the Arabs! No trip to the United Arab Emirates (theEmiratei Kingdom which includes the world famous cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi) will be complete without an experience of the traditional coffee ceremony of the Arabs, referred to as ‘Al-Qahwa or Gahwa’.

Mrs. Al Dhaheri tells us of the legend of Kali; the story that dates back centuries ago to the Ethiopian Highlands where the first coffee beans was discovered. Legend has it that an Ethiopian goatherd noticed his flock to be unusually lively after consuming some berries found in…

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