Located Chalong, Phuket , Thailand not far from Chalong Pier and Chalong Traffic Circle. This my favorite restaurant for western food.

Highly recommend. Great food or good portions. Staff is friendly and prices moderate.

The one negative is off the road to the pier and traffic noises. Also poor parking but it is worth the negatives for the food.

Upstairs in the evening but i much prefere eating downstairs. Nice atmosphere.

In the evening is crowded.


My favorite fish is Schnitzel Anchor Inn. Comes with a large salad. 250 baht.

The Thai food is also very good.

Free WiFi

Hours 8am to 2200 everyday of the week.

Phone 076281329

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With a Thai friend and she stopped here for us to have lunch. I have never been here.

In Phuket Town Thailand. They have 4 places but as I have only been here will restrict by review to this one branch.

Has car parking. Easy access and good service and nice atmosphere.

Established in 1946 and is “famous ” for their Hokkien fried noodles. I did not have that dish so can not comment.

I has my usual sweet and sour over steam rice which was ok.

Some of the menu selections

Inside nice and open to the outside.

Open everyday 10 am to 20:30

Phone 076211522

Map and click to go to Google map.

My review is nice place good prices and service. Food ok. But I would not make a special trip here. Hungry in the area stop.

This my favorite restaurant near my home for international crusine. Great food and reasonable prices with nice atmosphere.  Friendly service. They also have Thai but I have not tried yet!

Has upstairs and downstairs dining.  It is on the road so neither dining area has a good view.  In the evening they are busy but i have always found a table. 



Food.  My favourite is the Schnitzel Anchor inn.  Comes with the salad. Huge portions. I have to take some home. I prefer the potatoes as shown. Can get french fries

Menus. Just a sampling.  The Schnitzel I order is 250 baht.  Drink is extra.

Hours everyday 8am to 2200 or 10pm


076 281 329


Chalong Phuket Thailand

Road to Chalong Pier.

Google map click here

Easy to miss after you make the turn Chalong traffic circle only about 20 meters on left.

Limited car parking

Stopped by here to check out the pastry and baked goods. Have driven by many times as close to my home. From the road can see the sign but building easy to miss due to the vegatation in front. 

I had sweet rolls which very good. Had tea to go along.

Rolls were fresh soft and very good. 

Ordered rye bread which I was disappointed .  Bland 

I took what I ordered home.  The rolls were good enough to get me to come back to try the breakfast and they have lunches sandwiches. Worth a come back.  The service was good and friendly. Atmosphere also nice. The vegatation outside and seating outside is nice.

Inside dining also nice with free WiFi. They do delivery

Hours.  Monday thru Sunday 

9am to 1700 or 5pm

Phone 076 383 087

Location on Choafa east

Google map click here 

You can zoom in on the photo of the menu board to see what they offer and prices. 

Recommend a try!

Nice cozy Italian restaurant located Phuket Thailand.  

Real Italian with fresh ingredients pizza is oven baked.  Friendly service. There is car parking off the road.  

Some seating outside and is cooler there.  

Dining area inside with plenty of fans

There is table service . Take out is available but no delivery service

We had spaghetti with tomato sauce and Basil

I ordered to take home pizza with cheese, tomato sauce, ham, pineapple. I was disappointed with my pizza as very skimpy with the tomato sauce.  Everything was fresh but would have prefered more generous topping portions.

My friends selection. Again fresh

The salad was fresh

Free WiFi


4pm to 11:30pm.  Mondays they are closed.

Phone 076282172

Sample of the menu

They are on Facebook click here

Map click here to go to Google maps 

Have been here

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