4th of July The American Holiday as an expat by jackie

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4th of July is the American Holiday

Living in Thailand now for sometime, today for me is a time of reflection of my home country.

 I had a great upbringing growing up.  Large family that were middle class so enjoyed all of the things and benefits of life in the America.

I certainly miss America and my family there.  Living today with the internet able to stay in touch and share photos much easier than the days of having to keep in touch by mail or expensive telephone calls.  I am the family historian and have letters written by my grandparents trying to stay in touch with family all spread out across the USA.  America is a mobile country and people move away from family for work and for that american dream.

In thinking about this the last several days, thinking what photo would I use to post on facebook, would it be the flag, military photo of brave men and women protecting the USA.   In  America with the freedom of speech, many americans today protest, complain, and just dont like the President or trust the American Government.  Thats all OK in America.  We are a free people.   In our history it also nothing new!   I also see media in other countries complaining about America.  Photos of people burning the american flag etc.   America is not perfect, no country is perfect.

But many of those from other countries that complain about America, in their own country would be illegal or they would be arrested for complaining about their country. Not so in America.

I think the American government should do more to promote what we do in helping other countries.  The US military is the most powerful army in the World and get a lot of attention.  What does not get much or maybe is forgotten many of those countries complaining would not be speaking their country language but maybe German, or Japanese,  WWII  America did save the free world.  With our aid Russia would have been defeated and Great Briton was wreck and never fully recovered from WWI.  We invented the internet, the first and only country that has put a man on the moon.  Shared our science and medical research across the world.  Polio vaccine as an example.

I see some saying and a few rejoicing about the decline of America.  I think that is understandable from those that have an interest ( money, influence usual in countries that have dictators ) say in China becoming the #1 country in the world.  Before WWII  the USA was not the largest economy or had the largest military  and we were just fine.  Regardless of who has the largest economy, most powerful military, we will still be the most free country in the world.  We are a country ruled by law ( thanks to our heritage from England).  Free press.  freedom religion etc

  So when I think of the 4th of July, I think of the american people.  That is what has made america great,

Not the military, not wall street but everyday americans that joined the military and fought in its wars.  Everyday americans that start a business,  work everyday and voted and approved of SS for the old, voters rights, abolished child labor,  funded NASA, go to other countries to fight ebola and to help in disasters.   Just everyday AMERICANS   FAMILIES!

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