Value your own opinion/judgement and avoid ignorance by jackie

We live in a great time for learning and communication via the internet but sadly I think some just surround themselves with comfort. Years ago I learned that  sometimes a person that you would expect to know what they… Read More

sexy girl and mr bean dry brush by jackie

Taken Thailand Canon Camera Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC Nik Color Efix Can see more fine art of se asia at jackie littletaylor photography

Lovely Thai woman Painting art for the day by jackie

Taken Phuket Island Thailand Canon Adobe Lightroom CC Adobe Photoshop CC Nik Color Efex Pro can see more se asia fine art of jackie littletaylor photography

The Last One Left/ Holiday Blues an Expat by jackie

   That’s me long time ago, the youngest one in the photo with my 2 older cousins, my Great Grandmother next to me and my mother behind all of us. I am the last (almost) of the people… Read More

Happy New Year 2016 from my family to you and your family by jackie

Looking forward to life in 2016 and reflection of life past 2015  Looking forward to the adventure 2016 will bring  will take it 1 day at a time  Enjoy every day with the blessing of my kids and… Read More

Boy and his trucks Christmas Day photo of day by jackie

Boy and his trucks Christmas Day photo of day by jackie

Merry Christmas my Family to You

Merry Christmas to all  Peace of Earth Merry Christmas Happy Holiday to all my family and friends.  Christmas a time for family and friends

Christmas memories when I was a kid by jackie

Christmas for me is a time of reflection     Of Memories Family There is a saying    making memories for a lifetime That was certainly true in my family growing up Santa Claus is Christmas when you… Read More

Phuket Bird Paradise and little girl photo of day by jackie

Birthday Girl and new Bike photo of day by jackie

Refugees are Human Beings by jackie

“Refugees are Human Beings” from an American that lives in SE ASIA WE do not usual write about politics and try to just share the beauty of SE Asia with information to help you enjoy your stay here…. Read More

Excavator Jojo photo of day by jackie

  My youngest son playing in the dirt.  Many many years ago with my sister Beth, did the same thing,  Some things change and somethings do not in life.