Guanau-Nabon Week End Festival by jackie

worship at night


Guanau-Nabon Chinese Shrine is close to me and one of my favorite to photography. My daughter school had a dance number here on week end festival.

I have many photos of Guanau-Nabon taken during the day.  I came here at night not expecting to be here.  My daughter school was having a dance program that I thought was going to be at the school.  Sometimes being an expat we miss some of the what is happening or understanding in the translation to english.  This what happen to me.  Took my daughter the time she was suppose to be there and saw other kids getting ready. After couple hours wondering when the program was going to start.

I am thinking when is this going to start!


Then on the other end of the building all the kids and teachers were getting together. Aha

Then they pile into a pickup truck, cars and now I understand we are going where?  I get on my motorbike and follow.  When we get to Guanau-Nabon,  now I understand. Lot of vendors selling, food, toys, and rides for the kids.Week end festivals are common in Thailand and usual held at Wats (Buddhist temple)and other shrines. Always lot of fun with families eating and just  good fun.

walking to the temple during the fair

Then my daughter is on stage and I rush to get there but late and can not get close to film!  She is on the back row and towards the left doing lot of dancing and moving as she is not shy!

Can view more About Guanau-Nabon and location here

When traveling we always recommend travel medical and evacuation insurance 

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