Wat Sampran Dragon Temple in Nakorn Pathom Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Wat Sampran Dragon Temple or Wat sampran Phutho-Phao-Wana is located at Sampran district in Nakorn Pathom province Thailand. Features of this temple is Red Building by the Dragon is surrounded the building. High outstanding, which can be seen from afar. This Building is a Buddhist monk where to stay, sphere 80 meters high as the age of the Buddha, There are 16 storey (for can to see it) as heaven 16 heavens. This building allows visitors had only 2 floor (1 floor is basement for make The documentation of the temple). The 3-17 storey are the monks where to stay are not allowed to visit, unless the special chances of the temple only. About the red color. The Chinese believe that red Color of bringing fortune.  Thai people believe The color of sacrifice and unity. European believe Symbolized by the color of love Like a rose given to lover.


Dragons is meaning represent the strong, ascendancy high very halo are resolute, courage. Antique Chinese person used as a symbol of the Emperor. Dragon is entwined a the building the Buddhist monk from 1 story to 16 storey is meaning to The circulation of the low perspective to high perspective bores by take 108 with preaching by 108 monks to the nirvana in the heaven. Green dragon scales, gold bars is a peacefulness as a shade of the trees. Fins and tail of the dragon is the compulsion,  poised to go the right direction and is a weapon for protect dangerous. Legs, fingers and nails dragon is moving towards the direction of greatness and captured, the braced, firmly without falling.


Inside temple area have Religious activities to the people to for practice Dharma. sample : a prayer, A prayer against the dragon, and the 12 zodiac. A prayer to the Lord Waitin, A coin toss in the pit Dragon. Throughout the shady walkway in the temple are a pilgrim’s footprint street model, Leads us to the important places inside the temple. Sample : walk to pass under the Elephant stomach, Couples Naga Bridge, Giant Turtle’s Buddha Hall, which is a tunnel and have Footprint model inside, when walking out, The walkway will lead us up to a hall to walk up to the fourth floor of  Vegetarian hall.


Luang Phor Phutho-Phao-Wana is a The largest Buddha Statue is located on the fourth floor of Vegetarian hall. Which the cast by brass all body. Under the Buddha statue, the pilgrims can to walking around for prayer and donate too. The chapel, located on the fourth floor as well. Inside have Buddha Statues at the smallest and Most of the world, Buddha Statues 1,250 Buddhist saint congregation in the Makha Bucha Day by not known before. There are also relics, Paintings on the walls, gorgeous colorful. Carved are shutters God’s angels.


Map of Wat Sampran Dragon Temple

Wat Sam Phran Highway 3098 Sam Phran Nakhon Pathom Thailand

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    • yes it’s near this temple, but this first for me was go there.


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