Kyochon: The Korean Style Chicken 🐔

The Bella Travelista 💋

I recently read that a Michelin star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, was already opened in the Philippines. I wanted to check it out though I know that the line will be very long.

I haven’t eaten my lunch yet and it was past 5pm. Honestly, I am already ill-tempered because of the hunger. With this, boyfie decided to just eat at Kyochon, that though also known to have long lines, we took our chance there instead.
Arriving at Kyochon, there was no line! Fortunately, there was only 1 vacant table left — and we got it! Hurrray! I could finally eat though this was considered as my early dinner already.

We ordered the combo meal which consists of:

🍴10pcs of chicken wings
🍴2 steamed rice
🍴 1 garden salad
🍴 2 sodas

and an appetizer in the form of potato wedges. Waiting time was around 10mins for the chicken.

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