Action Point Weight Loss & Fitness Resort Phuket Thailand by John James

Action Point Rawai

Action Point Rawai

After first arriving to Phuket, I tried a few different gyms. They were about average gyms, and I was able to get my cardio and workout accomplished. However, a friend of mine tipped me off about a brand new gym that was, “Totally Amazing.” I ignored checking it out, because I was busy with other things. More and more people were talking about this gym in casual conversation almost every other day. About a month later, I decided to go down and see what it was all about. From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with friendly faces, smiling people, and I felt like I was important. I was given a personal tour by Pavel, the owner of the Gym, and when he brought me up to the restaurant on level 4, my socks were completely knocked off! He then showed me the steam room, the ice bath, the rooftop massage, comfortable accommodation rooms, and everything I could image was there. I was particularly surprised by the quality equipment that was there. Every piece of equipment was top of the line, clean, and in well air conditioned rooms.

Recommending places is not something I usually do, but if someone asks me if I know a good gym, I have only one place in mind.

John James

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You can see more about John and his business Best E-Motion Production








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