Fried Fish with Garlic by Ying Ying

Fried Fish with Garlic


Fried fish

This is an easy delicious fish dish. Big fish marinated with garlic-pepper, then fried until golden crisp. And sprinkle with fried garlic finally.


1. 1 Fish       2.  1 Tbsp. Salt      3.  1 Cup Minced Small Clove Garlic      4. 1 Tsp. Pepper    5. 2 Liters of Palm Oil


How to cook

1. Apply salt, pepper, garlic and evenly over the fish.    Marinate for 30 minutes.    2. Heat the oil. Separate garlic that bring to marinated fish before. Fry fish until crispy on both sides. Set aside to drain.     3. Reduce heat to low, then fry garlic until crispy.     4. Plate fish on a plate, garnish with fried garlic and you’re done.

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