Package Noodles Thai style 

For years I have enjoyed the package noodles.   Cheap and easy fast to prepare. Jaeb introduced to me a better way that taste great. Good at breakfast and just anytime.  Easy to prepare .  It is fried…. Read More

Pad Thai with River Prawn (Pad Thai Kung Sod) by Ying Ying

Pad Thai with River Prawn It can say that Pad Thai is a popular Thai food that well known among the foreigners. This dish is special because we put big River Prawn down. Just try and you will… Read More

Fried Fish with Garlic by Ying Ying

Fried Fish with Garlic   This is an easy delicious fish dish. Big fish marinated with garlic-pepper, then fried until golden crisp. And sprinkle with fried garlic finally. Ingredients 1. 1 Fish       2.  1 Tbsp…. Read More

Thai Shortbread Cookies (Kanom Gleeb Lam Duan) by Ying Ying

Thai Shortbread Cookies (Kanom Gleeb Lam Duan) Another Thai tradition dessert that many Thai know. This menu is not too hard to make. The taste of sweet and the smell from fragrant candle are hard to break your… Read More

Stir-Fried Sweet and Sour Pork (Mu Phad Priaw Wan) by Ying Ying

Stir-Fried Sweet and Sour Pork (Mu Phad Priaw Wan) The basic Thai food which have sour and sweet taste. Just eat with steamed rice for a more delicious taste. Ingredients 1. 130 grams Pork Sirloin (cut into dice)… Read More

Stir-Fried Morning Glory Recipe by jackie

Stir fried morning glory one of my favorite dishes, quick, easy and cheap to make and good The recipe I saw on Temple of Thai which is one of my favorite sites for Thai recipes. Ingredients Approx. 2 cups of… Read More

Sweet Egg Roll Recipe by Ying Ying

Many people are familiar with this menu. Today we are going to modify this recipe just a little. We will not use a rectangular pan, but we will make by a normal pan. It’s not hard at all…. Read More

Spicy Canned Sardine Salad (Yum Pla Ka-Pong) Recipe by Ying Ying

Easy delicious with Thai tastes menu. Less cost and suit for every household.   Ingredient 1. 1 Sardine Fish Canned      2. 1 Head Chopped Onion       3. 1 Head Chopped Tomato      4…. Read More

Fish Sauce Chicken By Ying Ying

Fish Sauce chicken   – This menu is very easy to make but the tastes is so delicious. Cook with various spices. But main ingredient is fish sauce. Boil until the broth absorbed well in the chicken. It… Read More

Pork Green Curry [Thai food] by KanyaBotan

Kang Kheaw Wan Moo in Thai or Pork Green Curry. ingredient – Green Curry Paste, eggplant, pork, bergamot leaves, basil, chilles, coconut milk, fish sauce or salt, soy sauce, sugar. 1. Take some coconut milk mixed with Green Curry Paste… Read More

Kaeng hang le, lanna food(pork curry) Recipe by kaimu662

Hang le is also referred to as Hang le Mon and Hang le Chiangsaen as its origin is from Burma where it is called “hin le” or “han le,” which is the same as “kaeng ho” of the… Read More

Khoa Moo Tod Krateam Thai Food by KanyaBotan

Khoa Moo Tod Krateam, Khai Dao or fried pork with garlic and pepper and fried egg. Simple food but yummy too much ans still easy to cook eaten with rice and cucumber or other vegetables. ingredient : egg, garlic, pepper, fish… Read More