Papillon Bar and Restaurant Kamala Review by jackie

Papillion Bar & Restaurant Kamala


Papillion Bar and Restaurant is in Kamala Phuket Island Thailand.

I was staying with a friend that was at a Villa Lila and was walking by (only about 50 meters away) and the colors got my attention.

As a photographer that loves colors, I was drawn in.  The decor and atmosphere is great as well as the drinks and food.  I am not much of a french food expert but enjoyed what I had. Service was friendly and good so recommend if your in the area to give it a try.  Across the street is Boomers that has american food.



Bar and Wine

Pool table


Papillon Bar and Restaurant   French Cuisine/Take Away

Closed Sundays


Phone 0901105580

Facebook  Papillon Bar

Map and can click here for larger map


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