Pomegranate Peels…it compares to a crime if you throw them away by Moksha

To stay in remote area like my place,away from 4-5 stars Hotel Spa, it’s quite normal to make maximum benefit of things which we consume in everyday life…example for having spa therapy treatment.in my own home..start with hot shower using tamarind scrub which be used for my cooking last night.Hair,face and head massage from Apricot oil which produce by local Lady next door from her apricot fruits last year crop, self whole body massage by the same oil..good enough..life is perfect.

Pomegranate is my favorite fruit since we all know the benefit of them..not except even peels.As the artical of Dr.Chetali Samant..he mentioned about his grandma..said“Throwing away peels of pomegranate was criminal” I like this sentence…She kept the pomegranate peels as one of the precious ingredients of her medicine box. For Hindu philosophy consider pomegranate as a symbol of fertility and prosperity, as well as Ayuravedic therapy, pomegranate fruit in high regards due to its ability to pacify all the three doshas.
To me as a super-food for anti-ageing ,properties to rejuvenate the skin, both internally and externally. To reduce the sign to ageing, it helps to maintain the collagen and keeps it healthy for a longer period of time,pomegranates contain certain compounds which prevent the breaking down of collagen.Delay signs of ageing and wrinkles…oh that’s importance.

After taking fruit,I will keep the peels and dry under the sun,spread them out,let every peel get sunshine …after few times,notice it dried no moisture,you may keep in container but keep away from the sun.For me after few sun dried, i grind them and keep in plastic container which cover with aluminum paper…i use them as a facial scrub and facial mask..you can start with facial mask…Use 1 teaspoon of grind pomegranate ,mix with honey,few drops of lemon juices,or milk,if you have dry skin.You also can mix with white egg and lemon juices in case you have oily skin…after it dries then softly scrub it out then wash with warm water and cold water last.

Hope you enjoy and start looking around,for the benefit of things which you almost throw away.You may wonder what you have found.Myself,Im looking forward for my orange peels.


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