Suan Rot Fai: 26 April 2015


Suan Rot Fai (Wachira Benjathat Park) is probably the only good birding site in Bangkok accessible by public transportation. Following the news of a female Japanese Thrush, a rare migrant in Thailand, by David Gandy on Saturday, I made a brief visit to the park on Sunday morning.

IMG_0475Javan Pond Heron moulting into breeding plumage

IMG_0500 The first male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher of the day

IMG_0543 Adult Indian Roller

IMG_0519 Immature Indian Roller begging to be fed

Only within 10 minutes after entering the park, I came across a male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher near the area where Thailand’s first Hartert’s Leaf Warbler was found. This colourful bird had long been one of my bogey birds until the spell broke some years ago and now I see it every once in a while. A walk around the park didn’t produce anything much afterwards.

IMG_0561 Female Japanese Thrush

IMG_0613 Another male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher


IMG_0620 The identity of Drongo Cuckoos in Thailand…

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