Tha Rue Pree in Chonburi Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Tha Rue Pree is located at Makham-Yong Muang District in Chonburi Thailand. The Chonburi Municipality was to establish  Tha Rue Pree Fishing Market for sale the products about all seafood is on the Tha Rue Pree Bridge in every Saturday at 4 pm. – 10 pm. A market that sells seafood. Fresh seafood, Seafood and cooked Seafood. The objective is to encourage the commercial seafood along the coast of Chonburi and stimulate local economy. Giving people a career and earn more and also to promote tourism of Chonburi.

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I was order Fried shellfish 30 Baht and Seafood Porridge 50 Baht.

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Tha Rue Pree Fishing Market or The locals persons call is “Saphan Sarn-Choa” because here have Shrine Hokkien ash is located in the source of alley and Shrine Te-tee Pae-bor is located in the end of alley. Here visitors can buy food to sit and eat and one activity is kite from sea breeze And are still waiting for sunset sea as well.


Map on where  For a larger map click HERE

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