Kaeng hang le, lanna food(pork curry) Recipe by kaimu662


Hang le is also referred to as Hang le Mon and Hang le Chiangsaen as its origin is from Burma where it is called “hin le” or “han le,” which is the same as “kaeng ho” of the Lanna people. The Burmese call the Lanna hange le “war ta hin” (pork curry). The Chiangsaen style requires additional ingredients like yard long beans, eggplants, fresh chilies, pickled bamboo shoots and roasted white sesame seeds.


1. pork neck                                      300  GM

2.pork belly                                       200 Gm

3.Brown  sugar                                  2 Tbsp.

4. Tamarind juice                               3 Tbsp.

5 sliced Ginger                                  1/2 cup

6.peanuts                                            2 Tbsp.

7.Garlic                                               1/2 cup.

8.pineapple                                         2 Tbsp.

9.Hang le powder                               2 Tbsp.

Curry paste ingredients

1. Dried Chili spur pepper                 7

2. Dried bird chili                              4

3.Shallots                                          3

4.Garlic                                             20  clovers

5.Sliced lemon ass                            2 Tbsp..

6. Sliced  Galangal                           1 Tbsp.

7.Salt                                                1 Tbsp.

8.Shrimp paste                                 1/2 Tbsp.

1 cut pork into 1x 1 inch pieces.

2. pound the ingredients of the curry paste together until pulverized

3 Marinate pork with curry paste, hang le powder and pineapples for 1 hour.

4.Add a little water and slowly bring to a boil. Simmer until tender; add water constantly.

5. Add brown sugar, tamarind juice, garlic and ginger. Stir to mix well. Simmer until tender.

Tips on cooking

Use a low fire when frying curry paste.
Santhon can be used instead of tamarind juice as it is also sour and produces a nice aroma.

Pork belly should not have too much fat on it. Pork ribs are good to use, too.

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