@bakery  in Rawai Phuket review by jackie

My good friend Jim King suggested this place.  Jim has introduced me to many great places to get a bite.  We met one morning here to discuss his books and writing.  

Located Rawai Phuket Thailand. Great food and good selection. Dining outside and inside. Dining room inside has A/C  free WiFi.  Been few times since this morning with Jim.  Always friendly Service and good food.  

Dining inside 


Hours and phone 

7am to 1900 everyday

0892895104 country code 66

Map. Click here for a larger map

Visit Jims blog. Great author photographer and artist 

Jamoroki  at jamoroki.com

Hello Saigon if you see it below this photo is spam.  Will report them 

Hello Saigon!

French bakery, Paul makes its debut in Saigon Centre as it’s nth franchise. It hasn’t even made it yet to their website.

 photo 20161022_170611_zpsyixh1b6s.jpgCafe Mocha

 photo 20161022_164254_zpsfa3zt4cj.jpgLemon Meringue Tartlet

We’ve tried this place a couple of times as it’s fairly new. On our first visit, the servers weren’t quite efficient yet as they’ve forgotten to serve our drinks. We were almost done with our pastries, the lemon meringue tartlet and flan, when they served our drinks all wrong. We wanted the hot Cafe Mocha but were served the cold.

 photo 20161029_164440_zpswycs1y8a.jpgHot Chocolate

 photo 20161029_162652_zpsj2hiobrk.jpgAtlantique Salmon Baguette

But of course, that didn’t deter us from going back. How can you say no to good coffee?  So on our next visit we tried the Atlantique Salmon Baguette, hot chocolate, and cafe miel.

 photo 20161029_164459_zpsw935iyyg.jpg Cafe Miel

 photo 20161029_164750_zpsjfvsnuos.jpgChocolate Crepe

Am not fond of honey in my coffee (Cafe Miel), so my hot chocolate suited me just fine. It…

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