is certainly off our List by jackie

We are new, only 7 months old and growing.  WE list several online booking, travel agency, all for free as we think it helps those that follow us.  We are growing so ask to join as an affiliate with  with us understanding may not be accepted to lack of visits per month as we are new.  Kinda of test the water.  Easy process as just give them your web site and URL so they can find it.  Straight forward.

They emailed back saying the following:

The content on your website is unrelated to travel.

      – The content on your website doesn’t reach our minimum quality requirements.

      – The website is too recent and therefore is not indexed and cached by Google and/or doesn’t have a Google PageRank.

      – We are unable to provide tracking for this URL as it uses a public domain.

      – The website is still under construction.

      – The URL could not be found.

The last was really stupid ” the url could not be found”  wow  How would you know any of the above without looking at the website!

The web site is not under construction!  The domain is private and paid for!  Do a google search and on the first page!  the website is SE Asia with over 500 post all related to travel in SE Asia!

Needless to say  I would not trust an outfit that is so unprofessional.  I was not surprised to be rejected for lack of traffic  etc  just expected them to do their job!

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