Foods & dessert in Naval Area. by BotanKanya

Navy Club and Restaurant in Pom Phrachun or Maeklong Naval Museum at Samut Prakan Thailand. Tel : 081-9363045 and 081-8892-115

This is Naval Area and here is important in the history of Thailand, In the King Rama 5 Colonization of the West. King Rama 5 just want to built the artillery fort for here have 7 cylinder was completed in year 1893.

Some menus of this restaurant :  Yum Hoy Klang  or Shells spicy salad.


Tom Som Pla Kra-Bog or Fish sour and some sweet soup.


Pu Pad Pong Cary or  fried Crab with yellow curry.


Khao Neaw Ma-Muong or Mango sticky Rice for the dessert, Favorite of Thai Desserts.



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