Humanity Conservation vs Ignorance 

I have started another blog but will continue with Life SE Asia.  My new blog will be more politics as that is what drives governments.   Humanity Conservation vs Ignorance  I hope you take a look. Just started… Read More

Suan Rot Fai: 26 April 2015

Originally posted on ayuwat:
Suan Rot Fai (Wachira Benjathat Park) is probably the only good birding site in Bangkok accessible by public transportation. Following the news of a female Japanese Thrush, a rare migrant in Thailand, by David…

Rider Girl in Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Last day I have seen about KAWASAKI ENDURO #5 of 2014 at Nhong Jog in Bangkok Thailand and I just interested some girl and she get The Rookie Rising Star Award KAWASAKI ENDURO #5 of 2014 , Her name is… Read More

KAWASAKI ENDURO #5 2014 Thailand. by KanyaBotan

KAWASAKI ENDURO round 5 on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26/10/2014 in Nhong-jok Bangkok Thailand, The riders just had men and women came to this education and lecturer just teach about technique and another information to the riders too. Some rider was tell about his driving… Read More

Kra-Ang Waterfall in Nakhon-Nayok Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Kra-Ang Waterfall in Ban Na District Nakhon-Nayok Thailand. The best time for visit is during the rainy season, in September and October ,is small waterfall, wide rock and waterfall flows through the groove rock. Here is one place for the visitors can… Read More

Thailand is my country !!! by KanyaBotan

Hello everyone, My name is BotanKanya I live in Thailand, Along history about my country. Thailand  are 4 Region, North, East, South and Central , I live in Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, lots peoples lots cars. Bangkok… Read More

What to Do and See in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand Part 3….by Kris Stallworthy

For my final piece about Khao Sok National Park I would like to share with you some pictures from a walk I took from the visitors center. Once you arrive at the entrance you will have the option… Read More

Pad Thai Noodles in Thailand. by KanyaBotan

This morning I just go to Klong 7 Lamlukka Pathumthani province for some business and I meet Morning Market there and I interesting some menu this is “Pad Thai Noodles”  and for morning Market in Klong 7 Lamlukka Pathumthani Thailand… Read More

See the seagulls with lovely sunset in Bang Pu Samut-Prakhan Thailand. by KanyaBotan

The Bang Pu Place is Sukhumvit Road at Samut-Prakan Thailand.  The time for the seagulls will to stay here around November to late April every year. This shoreline is a mangrove. If the water almost to dry will to see the mudskipper… Read More

Thailand Photogrphy

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