Pork Intestines for breakfast with  Jaeb Na Ka 

Jaeb and I went to the market and we both like pork.   We both like pork so I was looking for a pork loin or steak.  I saw her looking at intestines.  We bought both.  So what… Read More

Ao Chalong 59 Restaurant and Bar review by jackie

Ao Chalong restaurant Bar has great food and cheap prices with friendly staff. Nice atmosphere open to the outdoors. Next to Chalong Bay Harbour but just a so so view. I have eaten here and had drinks at… Read More

Pork Green Curry [Thai food] by KanyaBotan

Kang Kheaw Wan Moo in Thai or Pork Green Curry. ingredient – Green Curry Paste, eggplant, pork, bergamot leaves, basil, chilles, coconut milk, fish sauce or salt, soy sauce, sugar. 1. Take some coconut milk mixed with Green Curry Paste… Read More