Life SE Asia Magazine 1 year old and I moved by jackie

  I have enjoyed the last year especially the people you meet and what I have  learned. I moved to a new home and waiting for internet was a good break away from the internet.  We also made… Read More

Ya Nui Beach Selfie photo of day by jackie

Taken from Wind farm look out with Ya Nui beach below

Wind in Hair photo of day by jackie

Travel Insurance

Hooter Bartender Beautiful Patong Thailand photo of day by jackie

  You can read our review about Hooters Phuket always recommend travel medical and evacuation insurance 

3 Issan women in the fields photo of day by jackie

Can see more of jackie littletaylor fine art of se asia

Pool best played with a Thai Women by jackie


Thai family making merit photo of day by jackie

      To see more of Wat Ladthiwanaram 

Sunday Walking Street Market Old Town Visual Tour by jackie

can see more and a map of Sunday Walking Street Market Old Town Phuket

Thai Massage shop Chalong review by jackie

    Thai Massage shop is located just south of Chalong Circle on Choafa Road Phuket Thailand I like to review small family businesses when I can and I do it free.  My fine art is about everyday… Read More

4th of July The American Holiday as an expat by jackie

4th of July is the American Holiday Living in Thailand now for sometime, today for me is a time of reflection of my home country.  I had a great upbringing growing up.  Large family that were middle class… Read More

Red Lips by jackie

Red Lips  

Lanterns of Hoi An photo of the day by Peter

  Can see more here