Phra That Doi Suthep Chiang Mai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Phra That Doi Suthep  in Mueang District in Chiang Mai Thailand. Away from the city to the west, about 14 kilometers and 1,053 meters above sea level. The temple was built in year 1384 is a sacred place,  religious significance and history… Read More

Train Travel Indonesia by jackie littletaylor

Java and Sumatra are the only islands that have a train service. Most rail transport in Indonesia is located on the island of Java, which has two major rail lines that run the length of the island, as… Read More

Doi Pui in Chiang Mai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Doi Suthep – Pui Nation Park are in Mueang District, Mea-Rim District, Hang-Dong District in Chaing Mai Thailand is 1,685 meters above sea level. Map of Doi Suthep Pui National Park    Baan Mong Doi Pui was the opium area… Read More

BAAN LAIMAI RESORT Patong Beach Resort Phuket Thailand by jackie littletaylor

Baan Laimai Beach Resort is located on the beach road of the most well-known “Patong” beach Baan Laimai Beach Resort is located on the beach road of the most well-known “Patong” beach, right in the midst of entertainment,… Read More

Tay Ninh Holy See – VietNam

Tay Ninh Holy See is an ensemble of many religious architecture of the Cao Dai religion, located on the territory of Thanh Hoa Town, Long Thanh North (Hoa Thanh district) and part of Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh,… Read More

Khnu yuam ,Mae Hong son, The sunflowers of Thailand by kaimu662

Khun yuam is one of the places of attraction in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. During the months November and December people come especially to look at the Bua thong (Maxican sunflower weed )in full bloom across the… Read More

Mangosteen Spa and Resort Phuket Thailand Review by jackie

What a wonderful place to stay. 5 stars!  Located Phuket Island, Thailand. I spent several nights there couple years ago and rate this as the best place I have stayed at in Phuket.  Service, rooms, pool. the Spa… Read More

Ko Daam Kwan Island Unseen Thailand, Krabi by kaimu662

One of Thailand’s unseen highlights, this amazing natural phenomenon is set to take place at Ko Daam Kwan Island five days before and after the full moon, from December to the early May, when tides change dramatically in… Read More

Wat Srisoonthorn or Wat Lipon Phuket Thailand by jackie littletaylor

Wat Srisoonthorn or Wat Lipon Located just north of Thalang Phuket Thailand. On the road that runs from Phuket Town to the airport on is on the left just pass the Heroine Monument.  It is easy to miss… Read More

Koy Panyee Fishing Village on Stilts Thailand by jackie littletaylor

One of my favorite places to photography and its on the way to Tapoo Island or james Bond Island. Located Phang Nga Province, Thailand. Approaching from the north 

Khao Phing Kan Island “Tapoo or James Bond Island” Thailand by jackie littletaylor

Khao Phing Kan or Kao Ping Kan or Tapoo or James Bond Island This is one of the must see if down near Phuket Island Thailand.  Common name with tourist is James Bond as as part of the… Read More

Phi Phi Island Thailand by jackie littletaylor

Map of Phi Phi Island   I have only been here once back in 2006 on my second trip to Thailand. It was only for a day, took the ferry boat.  Did a little swimming and snorkeling, had… Read More