Life as a single parent thailand by jackie

As a single parent with a 9yr and 5 yr old your lifestyle changes. I now for the time less time to explore and research. So instead on reviews and places to explore will write about my experience… Read More

Journey in Life by jackie

In our journey in life. There is beauty all around us. Sadly also much sadness uglyness. Hate. We all experience and see this. In my photography I try to show the beauty of life as I see it…. Read More

New Day

​Today starts a new chapter in my life.  It follows the darkest thirty days of my 67 years on my journey of life.   This morning I am on auto pilot.  Inside I am empty, hollow.  I did… Read More

KAWASAKI ENDURO #5 2014 Thailand. by KanyaBotan

KAWASAKI ENDURO round 5 on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26/10/2014 in Nhong-jok Bangkok Thailand, The riders just had men and women came to this education and lecturer just teach about technique and another information to the riders too. Some rider was tell about his driving… Read More

Until the Cows Come Home by Sammi Law

No two points of view can ever occupy the same space or time; nor do they ever repeat identically.

A person to bounce off an idea by jackie littletaylor expat

  When living in the US and with family/ friends and co workers, always someone to bounce an idea around with.  There have been studies done on why large groups of people are the most productive in research… Read More