Shibuya in Tokyo Japan. by KanyaBotan.

Shibuya is the economic center of Tokyo, Japan.  About Shibuya is the most known is the story “The Great Hachiko Dog” or “Hachiko faithful dog”  Hachiko Statue is in front of the  Shibuya Station. Hachiko (Nov 10,1923 – March… Read More

Tokyo Station in Tokyo Japan. by KanyaBotan.

We leave from The Kusunoki Masashige Statue,  located at Tokyo Imperial Palace, we are walking to see about the another Building in Tokyo City. Tokyo International Forum is a multi-purpose conference center. Located near at Tokyo Station and… Read More

The Tokyo Imperial Palace in Tokyo KanyaBotan.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace of the Emperor of Japan. Located in the province Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan, near Tokyo Station. Today (12 March 2015) we want to visit only in Tokyo so we must buy the one day ticket… Read More

Nippon Maru Ship Yokohama KanyaBotan.

After we leave from The Ferris Wheels in Yokohama Cosmo World, on the way I see this building is very striking this is Land Mark Tower. Nippon Maru Ship, Located near Sakuragicho Station. Built in 1930 as a training ship in… Read More

Ferris Wheels in Yokohama Cosmo World Japan. by KanyaBotan.

Today we have be met at YokoHama City with old friend who have been work many years in Thailand, he is a Japanese but can say some Thai language but we are talking in Thai Japanese and English. 5 pm. is time… Read More