Child Rescue Center Zoe International

ZOE grand opening of the child Rescue Center . Please share and if possible support. Zoe

Post This Human Trafficking web site We recommend this NGO

For Freedom International updated. We do not recommend at this time.

I have lived in Thailand over 10 years and you cant miss seeing the sex trade even if you are not looking for it. Not just Phuket, but Pattaya Bangkok and rest of Thailand. Most of the girls… Read More

No need for Words by jackie

Love tenderness softness devotion  family  All words we use to describe.  But often a picture can capture those words of description better than the words.   This photo for me is an example. It expresses all those words… Read More

Humanity Conservation vs Ignorance 

I have started another blog but will continue with Life SE Asia.  My new blog will be more politics as that is what drives governments.   Humanity Conservation vs Ignorance  I hope you take a look. Just started… Read More