Restaurant and Nightlife SE Asia Listing Do you have a Suggestion by jackie

We are looking to expand our listing of restaurant, cafe, places to eat, and nightlife If you would like to submit for review a place to eat in SE ASIA please contact us via email. Requirements: Must be… Read More

Salaloy Seafood Restaurant Rawai Thailand Review by jackie

Salaloy Seafood Restaurant off Rawai Beach Phuket Thailand is one of my favorite places to eat with a nice view of the coast.  Good food and prices are reasonable. My friend that shared my visit today and ordered… Read More

Seafood/Yellow Rice in Pineapple Khao Aob Sab Pa Rod by jackie

  Seafood/Yellow Rice in Pineapple Khao Aob Sab Pa Rod   I had a new Thai dish couple days ago and really enjoyed it. I met a friend couple days ago for lunch at the Salaloy Seafood Restaurant on… Read More

Hooter’s Phuket Patong Thailand review by jackie

  Hooter’s is an American cafe and bar that is famous for pretty girls with large breast and hot chicken wings

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket Thailand photo of day by jackie

next to Hooters Hard Rock Cafe Patong Phuket Thailand