Life as a single parent thailand by jackie

As a single parent with a 9yr and 5 yr old your lifestyle changes. I now for the time less time to explore and research. So instead on reviews and places to explore will write about my experience… Read More

Been Away

Been away for awhile. Divorce with my Thai wife and custody of our children. I did get total custody of them. They will have a better chance in the future with me. Their mother and i will stay… Read More

No need for Words by jackie

Love tenderness softness devotion  family  All words we use to describe.  But often a picture can capture those words of description better than the words.   This photo for me is an example. It expresses all those words… Read More

Rawai Water Park by jackie

A great place for family and an excellent bargain. I was there Christmas Eve with a friend and my kids.  I will do a full review this week but want to share now if you are a family… Read More

The Last One Left/ Holiday Blues an Expat by jackie

   That’s me long time ago, the youngest one in the photo with my 2 older cousins, my Great Grandmother next to me and my mother behind all of us. I am the last (almost) of the people… Read More