A person to bounce off an idea by jackie littletaylor expat

  When living in the US and with family/ friends and co workers, always someone to bounce an idea around with.  There have been studies done on why large groups of people are the most productive in research… Read More

Sindhorn Office Building Bangkok

TSL Visa Service Bangkok Thailand great people if looking for Visa help in Thailand by jackie littletaylor

TSL Visa in Bangkok Thailand If your looking for some visa info to live in Thailand or have a person trying to get a visa for the US I highly recommend them.  I have done business with them… Read More

Teaching English In Thailand

I started teaching English in Thailand to get a new experience and prolong my travels. It was a short term plan until I figured out my future. Six years later that experience has developed into a career with… Read More

Khao Man Kai and Kouy Teaw Kai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Do you know Pattaya Thailand? There lots of bars and very nice beach so nice city of Thailand. Last day I had to Pattaya and I very hungry I did asked someone in 7/11 so her tell me… Read More