3 – 12 Nov Annual festival of Chachoengsao Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Wat Luang Pho Sothon celebration and Annual festival of Chachoengsao Thailand, 2014 Being today 3 November – 12 November 2014  is in Front of the Capitol Chachoengsao Province. -The parade ground celebration for Luang Pho Sothon [Buddha Statue] 3… Read More

The Adventure Activity Thailand. by KanyaBotan

A lot activities in Thailand for you can to do its but have some men like to do the adventure in the forest. They came from different places but look like them like to do as one thing… Read More

Chedi Phukhao Thong (Phukhao Thong Stupa) in Ayutthaya Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Wat Phu Khao Thong in Ayutthaya Thailand, have Chedi Phukhao Thong (Phukhao Thong Stupa) is a grand stupa located outside Khrung Si Ayutthaya Island about 2 kilometers in the northwest. Chedi Phukhao Thong (Phukhao Thong Stupa) is 90 meters… Read More

Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand. by KanyaBotan

” 6 – 7 November 2014 ”  Loi Krathong is celebrated to respect the goddess of the waters by floating candlelit offerings on any waterways in Thailand. Loi Krathong is not a national holiday in Thailand. [some places… Read More

KAWASAKI ENDURO #5 2014 Thailand. by KanyaBotan

KAWASAKI ENDURO round 5 on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26/10/2014 in Nhong-jok Bangkok Thailand, The riders just had men and women came to this education and lecturer just teach about technique and another information to the riders too. Some rider was tell about his driving… Read More