Yum Khai Tom or eggs spicy salad Thai Food by KanyaBotan

Simple food but very yummy, eaten with rice.Yum Khai Tom or eggs spicy salad so easy to make it. Some guy said will good if with beer lol somebody said never have seen this menu but I often… Read More

Yum Wun Sean or Glass Noodle Salad. by KanyaBotan

This menu is one favorite of Thai women because don’t make to fat and have hot and spicy taste. you can change the meat balls to other meat so pork, chicken, fish, shrimp or seafood and maybe you will add mushrooms… Read More

Mungkorn [Dragon] Sawan Village at Suphanburi Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Mungkorn [Dragon] Sawan Village or Lee-Jeang Village is in Suphanburi Thailand. Here is near the Shrine of God of the city of Suphanburi and The Dragon Descendants Museum.  The village sign have both stilts and plates large beside too. This… Read More

Wat Sri Kra-Ang in Nakhon Nayok Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Wat Sri Kra-Ang in Ban Na District Nakhon Nayok Thailand. how to go there by ahead to Nakhon Nayok but not to there. When you over Ongkharak not far just turn left and ahead to Ban Na District in… Read More

Gang Fug-Thong or Pumpkin Red Curry Thai Food. by KanyaBotan

Gang Fug-Thong or Pumpkin Red Curry Thai Food is favorite of Thai people , just spicy curry and can add another meat so maybe pork, chicken, beef so up to you what you want to add for your soup… Read More