Anchor Inn Restaurant Review by jackie

Located Chalong, Phuket , Thailand not far from Chalong Pier and Chalong Traffic Circle. This my favorite restaurant for western food. Highly recommend. Great food or good portions. Staff is friendly and prices moderate. The one negative is… Read More

Anchor Inn Restaurant Phuket Thailand review by jackie

This my favorite restaurant near my home for international crusine. Great food and reasonable prices with nice atmosphere.  Friendly service. They also have Thai but I have not tried yet! Has upstairs and downstairs dining.  It is on… Read More

Flint’s Bakery Chalong Phuket review by jackie

Stopped by here to check out the pastry and baked goods. Have driven by many times as close to my home. From the road can see the sign but building easy to miss due to the vegatation in… Read More

Eat and Talk review update by jackie 

Nice little comfortable restaurant in Chalong Phuket Thailand.  I have become a regular here for breakfast. Always good food and service.  We recommend.  Update with photos This was the Sandwich Shop but now under new owners and new… Read More

Dickies Lighthouse Bar Restaurant review Chalong Thailand 

This was Jimmy Lighthouse and after it closed was bought and reopened by Dickies Lighthouse.  It is not actual a lighthouse but a beacon.  Open in 1988 by an American Jim Pearson.  It is a well known landmark…. Read More

5 great places for take out Chalong Thailand

All of these places I frequent often for take out or buy fresh fruit. All are close together and in Chalong, 4 are close to Chalong traffic circle.  The first one is very small and most customers are… Read More

Lighthouse photo of day by jackie

Lighthouse Restaurant and hotel Chalong Thailand

Nung Restaurant Phuket Thailand by jackie

Good Thai food at low prices. I eat here often. I recommend. Off the main road Choafa east  Chalong Thailand.  If you live in choketip villa then very convenient. Menu She has a simple menu but always fresh… Read More

Ao Chalong 59 Restaurant and Bar review by jackie

Ao Chalong restaurant Bar has great food and cheap prices with friendly staff. Nice atmosphere open to the outdoors. Next to Chalong Bay Harbour but just a so so view. I have eaten here and had drinks at… Read More

Wed photo of the day ” Sunset Chalong Pier and Big Buddha” by jackie

to see more Of Chalong Beach and Pier Phuket Thailand

Phuket International Sports fishing Tournament Thailand by jackie littletaylor

Chalong Bay, Phuket, Thailand. Registration is on the evening 19 November 2014 from 6pm onwards, at the Tamarind Bar & Grill in Chalong. The weight station will be at the Tamarind on all 3 fishing days, 20-22 November…. Read More

Wat Ladthiwanaram a beautiful small temple in Phuket Thailand by jackie littletaylor

Wat Ladthiwanaram a beautiful small temple in Phuket Thailand Located in Chalong,  Phuket Island, Thailand is a small temple with a small lake  and is nice place to go in the evening for photos.  Not on a tourist must… Read More