Wat Sai Mun (Burma) Chiang Mai Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Wat Sai Mun (Burma) is in Bamrung-Buri Road, Phra Singha Meang District in Chiang Mai Thailand. The old name was Wat Mun Maan or Wat Sai Mun Maan. This temple built by Mr. Jamm-Sang is Burmese generals. The assumed this… Read More

Buses, Taxi, Rickshaws, driving a car or motorbike requirements Boats and waterways and more Myanmar/Burma by jackie

Bus travel source wikitravel  By land The situation has changed since the 28 Aug 2013, it’s now possible to enter Myanmar freely by land from at least 4 Thai/Myanmar border crossings, Mai Sai, Mae Sot and Ranong,and travel… Read More

Train Travel Burma/Myanmar by jackie littletaylor

Train Travel Myanmar   There are many views about train travel in Myanmar but for me the slow trains, old , the journey is worth it. from wikitravel  : Myanmar has an extensive but ancient rail network. Trains… Read More

Kaw Thoung Myanmar and the days of visa runs Thailand to Myanmar

I made the visa run from Ranong Thailand across the water to Kaw Thoung Myanmar several times years ago and always enjoyed the little boat ride.  There is a small buddhist shrine on a small island just before… Read More