Chedi Phukhao Thong (Phukhao Thong Stupa) in Ayutthaya Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Wat Phu Khao Thong in Ayutthaya Thailand, have Chedi Phukhao Thong (Phukhao Thong Stupa) is a grand stupa located outside Khrung Si Ayutthaya Island about 2 kilometers in the northwest. Chedi Phukhao Thong (Phukhao Thong Stupa) is 90 meters… Read More

Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand. by KanyaBotan

” 6 – 7 November 2014 ”  Loi Krathong is celebrated to respect the goddess of the waters by floating candlelit offerings on any waterways in Thailand. Loi Krathong is not a national holiday in Thailand. [some places… Read More

Rider Girl in Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Last day I have seen about KAWASAKI ENDURO #5 of 2014 at Nhong Jog in Bangkok Thailand and I just interested some girl and she get The Rookie Rising Star Award KAWASAKI ENDURO #5 of 2014 , Her name is… Read More

KAWASAKI ENDURO #5 2014 Thailand. by KanyaBotan

KAWASAKI ENDURO round 5 on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26/10/2014 in Nhong-jok Bangkok Thailand, The riders just had men and women came to this education and lecturer just teach about technique and another information to the riders too. Some rider was tell about his driving… Read More

Kra-Ang Waterfall in Nakhon-Nayok Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Kra-Ang Waterfall in Ban Na District Nakhon-Nayok Thailand. The best time for visit is during the rainy season, in September and October ,is small waterfall, wide rock and waterfall flows through the groove rock. Here is one place for the visitors can… Read More

Bridge of the River Kwai ,War Cemetery at Kanchanuri Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Many popular places at Kanchanuri of Thailand,  I will go to  Kanchaburi War Cemetery and The Bridge of the River Kwai. KANCHANABURI WAR CEMETERY :  6,982 dead from War 2 World. Anzac Day 25 April of the Australian and New Zealand. Armistice… Read More

Andaman Ocean at Ranong Thailand. by KanyaBotan

This trip I want to see the Andaman Ocean so driving to Ranong and I haven’t been come here before this first time for me, here I just to see the lifestyle of Ranong peoples. Morning I just… Read More

Good Morning Chiang Rai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Chiang Rai is in North of Thailand, atmosphere on morning of Chiang Rai City, Phraya MengRai Bridge and Kok River. This time still quiet because the people still don’t a wake. I can walk and take the photos…. Read More

Wat Kiri Wong in Nakorn-Sawan Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Phra Chula-Mani The Pagoda of Wat Kiri Wong in Nakorn-Sawan Thailand. You can see when you go to Nakorn-Sawan city is on the mountain and will go by traffic signs. Inside the pagoda have Mural is The Buddha’s birth till to… Read More

Yum Wun Sean or Glass Noodle Salad. by KanyaBotan

This menu is one favorite of Thai women because don’t make to fat and have hot and spicy taste. you can change the meat balls to other meat so pork, chicken, fish, shrimp or seafood and maybe you will add mushrooms… Read More

Kang Ped Pla-Duk Thai Food. by KanyaBotan

Kang Ped Pla-Duk or catfish red curry. eaten with rice , this is hot ans spicy curry but very yummy of one Thai foods. catfish, red curry recipes, leaves, basil, chili, coconut milk, sour bamboo shoots, fish sauce… Read More

Wat [temple] Lok Molee in ChiangMai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Wat  Lok Molee Chiang Mai  is one nice temple, LANNA Style. This temple so 500 years old up. The out side of the temple is the road so a lot the cars just different in the temple. Inside the temple… Read More