Palette Town Ferris (Daikanransha) Odaiba Japan. by KayaBotan.

PALETTE TOWN FERRIS (Daikanransha) or Giant Sky wheel is in Odaiba Island Japan. A height of 115 meters and 100 meters in diameter, opened in 1999 After walk to see the Sakura Flowers and Statue of Liberty replica… Read More

Ameyoko Market in Ueno Japan. by KanyaBotan.

Ameyoko Market is Located between Ueno station and Okachimachi Station, can 5 minutes walk from Ueno Station and 5 minutes walk from Okachimachi Station. After check in at the hotel where we were staying, We walked across the bridge to the… Read More

Sakura Flowers in KANEIJI TEMPLE Japan. by KanyaBotan.

Ueno Park Japan, located is near with the Keisei Ueno Station, I’m walking to see the view of the park and I just to see the Sakura Flowers are being to blossom so make me happy too much. I came… Read More

Go to Japan by myself. by KanyaBotan.

This my trip I want to go to Japan by my self not want to join tour group, because not need a visa just only a passport for into Japan. After I saw another information from internet and… Read More

The Great Stupa 500 parts Saraburi Thailand. by BotanKanya

The Great Stupa 500 parts the full name is Phra Maha Rattana Loha Jedi Sri Sasana Phothisat Sawang Boon, have big pagoda in the middle and the diameter of 50 meters have 9 floors and have small pagoda 500… Read More